Thursday, August 25, 2011

Helping Daddy In The Tractor

Yes you read that right "Helping Daddy in the Tractor"

In the tractor bucket!
Scott had been working on our soffit and fascia around the house and his dad would lift him up in the tractor bucket to reach what he need to do so that he didn't have to move a ladder a million times to do the job.  Matthew wants a try to so when he was done with the house, Matthew and Scott got lifted up to remove a few dead branches that were hanging out in the other branches of the tree.

Whenever Papa (Scott's dad) would raise the bucket a little Matthew would get these big eyes but Matthew loved every second of it.
They were up there a LONG ways.
This mama was glad she was on the ground taking the pictures.
Matthew loves helping his Daddy and his Papa.  His Papa (and Grammie) have been helping us alot on the new house and Matthew loves seeing his Papa (and Grammie)!  Matthew gets pretty jealous if his Papa is holding one of the other grandchildren and if he knows that the other grandchildren are at Grammie and Papa's house.
One day while Grammie and I were working on removing some of the old ugly paneling from downstairs (I was also trying to help Scott with something too so I wasn't always downstairs), Matthew talked Grammie's ear off.  He was talking a million a minute.  I really think that his Papa put a quarter or a fifty cent piece in him before he left.  Hehehe!  When I was helping Scott upstairs, he and I would just chuckle because Matthew just kept going and going (even without a nap) and going.

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