Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Crazy Boy

My mother in law and I have been rearranging and organizing our new garage, getting ready for Matthew's birthday party which is in a few short weeks. We have it almost done except for the lawn mowers, tiller, power washer and a few others.  I think the day of the party that those will just be moved out of the garage.  Now that that is done, I must start working on his birthday invitations and a few other things that I want to do for his birthday.
Matthew's sandbox was one thing that we were cleaning around in the garage until Grammie brought sand for it on one of the days that we were cleaning.  Matthew was REALLY excited to finally be able to play in his sandbox.  When he realized that Grammie had sand, he went in the garage to try to get his sandbox.  He flipped it upside down to get all the stuff out of it.  Then as soon as I got one bag of sand in it, he had already started putting his toys in.  After we got the sand in, he jumped in and started playing so we went back to working on the garage.
After a few minutes, I went out to check on him and this is what I seen:

He is bare naked playing in his sandbox.  I started laughing and I ran to the garage to have Grammie come see.  Hahaha!  She said you have to get a picture and put it on the blog.
He had no idea why he got naked!  After I cleaned him up, I made him at least put his underwear back on.  He was so dirty when we left that day that he got a bath as soon as we got home back to the apartment!

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jodilee0123 said...

I have found my kiddos streaking in the back yard myself, after playing in the sandbox naked. haha!