Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Family Pictures

I have been in a picture taking mood!
Wait-What am I talking about?  I love taking pictures all the time.
Here are a few family pictures that we got today:

And here is a few of our little man (with his smile):

Practice Round

We had a practice round with Matthew since his birthday is almost here.
Actually we had several rounds. 
A few of the rounds he had the lighter blew out before Scott could even light the candle.
I can't believe that he is almost 2 years old.
Where has the time gone? 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Funny but Gross

Ok I'm not sure what I am to do!
Matthew has discovered that his finger fits up his nose!
Yea I know what you're thinking: Gross!  I feel the same way.
I can't get him to stop.  Everytime I see him doing it, I try and try to get him to stop.
Any ideas on how to get him to stop?
I know, it's probably just a phase.

So here is the funny thing about it whole ordeal.
We were going to dinner tonight and I caught him with his finger up his nose so I asked him to stop.  It was probably 4 times.  After I said it, he shrieked, an ear piercing shriek.  I kindly asked him to stop yelling in the car and continued to drive.  I kept watching him in the mirror and once again the finger was up the nose.  I was just about to tell him to stop when he pulled his finger out of his nose and yelled "Got It". 
That's our little man for you!

Ps Please be patient with me, I do have a few pictures to show but just have not had the time to get them edited and up.  I am thinking possible tomorrow.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Have you ever been to the Pine Grove Zoo in Little Falls, Minnesota?
It is a nice little zoo and very inexpensive.
Click here to see more info.

Here are some of our best pictures from our fun at the zoo:

Matthew enjoyed the petting zoo the best!  He loved feeding the animals!
These two goats were Snow and White.
Snow is on the left and always wanted to be fed first!
Experimenting with the camera-blurred out the fence between me and the animals.
The Tortoise!
Siberian Tiger
Looking at the Elk! 
Can you see the antlers of the elk?
Look closely.... see the green bush to the left of Matthew's shoe, it's just behind it.
The other Siberian Tiger.
He was sleeping with his head turned up (Just like a big kitty).
Matthew admiring the animals!
Isn't he just a cutie?
He was so cute at the zoo and wanted to walk.
Fencing him in!
Just kidding!
They had alot of the grassy areas roped off and Matthew just had to stand on the other side of the rope.
Our family!
You just have to love the timers on cameras!
Check out our other picture on the right of the blog or on our facebook.
The prairie dog!
Another bear!
Exploring some information on the wolves.
Just another cute picture of him.
One of the bear cubs!
Feeding the donkeys!
The donkeys were so gentle.
Behind the fencing again!
He even tried to feed this cute little bear that was giving him a kiss!
We had lots of fun and the weather was wonderful!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Camping 2010

Every year for the last 23 years, Scott's aunt, Karyl has been taking her nieces, nephews, grandkids and great nieces and nephews camping.  It is so much fun.  I have been going since Scott and I first started dating 16 years ago.  Things have changed a bit since then and we had added a quite a few more people.
Two years ago while camping, we let our niece, Emma, announce to everyone that she was getting a new cousin.  We had found out 5 days before camping that year that we had been chosen to be parents!
I remember the day clearly.  After we had set up our tent, we took Emma inside the tent to finish getting the inside ready to sleep in and we explained to Emma (she was 3 years old) that Auntie and Uncle were adopting a baby and she was going to get a new cousin.  We asked her if she wanted to tell everyone and of course she was excited!  So at dinner that night when everyone was there, I had Emma come over to me and I stood her up on my lap and I told her to tell everyone her secret.  The first time she said it, it was really quiet and I don't think anyone heard her.  She repeated it several times after that! The first thing I remember hearing was "Does that mean what I think it means Scott and Joanna?"  It was the best part of camping in 2008!

Here are lots of pictures from Camping 2010:
Matthew on his 1st motorcycle ride!
Uncle Kyle gave him his first motorcycle ride and he LOVED it!
Coming back around the campground on his motorcycle ride!
Our Camp Site at Gull Lake Recreation Area!
I got to hold and cuddle this cute little boy!
There was LOTS of swimming!
The kids helping bury Whitney!
Finishing touches! 
 Only her head was out!
Alexa and Eva
(These two are the sisters to the little boy above!)
Matthew having fun with all his cousins!
Little Levi! (Emma's brother)
Levi again!
Scott's uncle Wayne giving Scott's cousin RaeAnne a boat ride!
RaeAnne is due in October with a baby girl!
She was going to roll up her pants to get to the boat but Uncle Wayne just picked her up and carried her to and from the boat so she didn't have to get wet!
Auntie Debbie pushing Matthew on the swing.
He had lots of fun at the park with Debbie, RaeAnne and all the cousins!
Uncle Wayne did a fly over!
Can you see him waving?
Kyle and his girlfriend Jessica went for a boat ride.
It was the first time Jessica had been on a boat in 15 years!
While pushing the boat out, I almost fell in!
Making pudgie pies over the campfire!
Pudgie pies?
Similar to a grill cheese but it has a fruit filling!
We had cherry, blueberry and apple!
We made s'mores too!
I tried a new idea for a s'more: graham cracker with peanut butter on one side and chocolate frosting on the other graham cracker with a roasted/melted marshmellow in the middle!  It was YUMMY too!
Matthew on his 1st boat ride with Daddy and Uncle Wayne!
Giving Uncle Wayne a hug for his first boat ride!
Getting ready for a second ride because he LOVED the first!
On the way out on the 3rd ride!
The 3rd ride was too much and it put him right to sleep!
Sleeping on his momma!
This was our camping crew!
We are missing a few in the picture!
Aunt Karyl is the one on the bottom right side of the picture!
We had so much fun and can't wait until next year!
PS Matthew slept on me for just over an hour and a half before I slowly woke him up so he could eat dinner.
It was our last day so he was really tired!  He is still catching up on his sleep!