Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Cousin

Matthew has a new cousin!
Meet Charli Ann!
Born at 1:44 pm
9 lbs 9 oz
19 1/2" long

She is so precious!
Look at her long toes!
Uncle holding her!
Matthew cried when Daddy was holding her.
Look at all her dark hair!
When Mommy was holding her, Matthew had to be in my lap too!
Then Matthew got to hold her!
He just kept kissing her and rubbing his lips on her soft cheeks.
We love her to pieces already!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Love You

This morning, Matthew went outside with Scott.  Just after they closed the door, it opened again and a little head popped in and said, Mommy I love you! and then he was gone.  Scott said that Matthew got down the first step and said Oh I forgot to tell mommy love you.  Made this mommy tear up this morning.

Hope everyone has a good day! 

Come From

Matthew has been very curious lately about where things come from.  Last night on our drive back to our apartment from our new house, Matthew was really quiet (usually he is a chatterbox in the car) so I had to ask him if he was still awake.  He replied," I wake."  Then he asked, "Mommy where come from?"  I told him that Adie was his birthmom and Bash was his birthfather and that he grew in Adie's tummy.  I hear OH and then a little giggle.

I would just like to know why all of a sudden, Matthew has reverted and has been wetting his pants.  He has been doing great well except with pooping (that's about 50/50).  In the last 2 days, he has had 5 or 6 accidents.  I think since the time we started training, he has never had that many accidents.  I guess it will be back to asking and/or making him go every so often.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Family Pictures

Tonight while our chicken was cooking on the grill, I decided to try for some family pictures.  It did go as smooth as I had wanted but we got a couple that will work.

We took a few family ones before Matthew didn't he was done but none turned out so I took a couple of just me and Scott thinking it would make Matthew jealous.  It didn't work like I thought it would.

First Matthew was being silly.
This one was an okay one.
This one I have to laugh at Scott's face.  He like here we go again.  Hahaha!
This one is okay but Matthew is looking off the other direction.
We bribed him with a nutty bar and he was saying bar in this picture.
This one is okay but I tried standing on the other side and just didn't like the look of it.
This one is good except Matthew's cheesy smile.
I think that this is the best one from them all!

Honey Suckles

We have these honey suckles everywhere around our new house!
Along with lots of poison ivy!
We've already started working on getting rid of the poison ivy! 
So far (knock on wood) none of us have gotten any poison ivy.

Helping Daddy Again

In the lower level of the new house, there is this ugly paneling that was glued right to the block wall and we are removing because it STINKS.
It is coming off in little bitty pieces.
Matthew was helping Scott remove it.
Matthew loves to help.
I think it's because he gets to use Daddy's tools.
This is just a cute picture:
Notice Matthew's pants!
Pants are hard to find that fit him.
We have to usually find the ones that have adjustable waists or use a belt.
Belts and newly potty trained don't work so well.
Hope the wanting to help continues!
He jumps at helping us but when it comes to picking up toys that he dumps out, it's a struggle to get him to pick them up.  Not sure why that is!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Helping Plant Trees

For my birthday/Mother's Day, I got 2 apple trees for our new house.
A couple weekends ago, we finally got them planted.
Well actually Daddy and Matthew got them planted.

Now my job is to water them daily!

Sleeping with Daddy

One day last week, Daddy got home last from work so we didn't go work on the new house.
Instead Matthew and Daddy snuggled on the couch to watch TV and before long they were both sleeping.
Look how Matthew has his feet crossed!
We love our snuggle time with our little man and he loves it too!
Matthew got a little extra snuggle time this past weekend.
Let me tell you why. 
On Saturday, we were working at the house and Scott was cutting off a old sewer pipe and the upper half was wedged into the floor joist but when he cut it the upper half which was about 3' long with a few connectors came crashing down and hit his hand putting a nice gash in it.  He had to get a couple stitches at the ER.  Matthew got to spend that time with his Papa.  So I made him take the rest of the day off and I had already told him that he had to take Father's Day off.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Scott's Father's Day Picture

Here is the collage that Matthew and I made for Scott!
Matthew really didn't want to have his picture taken so that is why the funny smiles.
I got this fun idea from Beki over at The Rusted Chain.
Matthew and I are so excited to give it to him tomorrow!
I just have to put it in a frame!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nap Time at the New House

Here is our new garage:
On the right side is a 3 season porch
Some day my photo studio (Not sure what I will do in the winter)
There are windows along the whole side.
Matthew taking a nap in the 3 season porch on a sleeping bag.
If it is nice like this day was, I opened the windows to let in the light breeze.
He is such an angel when he is sleeping.
When he is awake, he is one BUSY little boy.
Yesterday, we worked at the house all day with no idea what time it was so Matthew didn't take a nap yesterday.  When Scott had to run to town for a few things, I  sent Matthew with thinking that maybe Matthew would fall asleep on the way back.  No such luck!  Last night, he was one tired and very dirty little boy.  He played hard yesterday!  He had so much sand and rocks on the cement apron in front of the garage and he loved the small shovel he found in the garage too!  Scott thought that he would love the shovel so he brought it over from the storage unit.  We almost have our storage unit cleaned out.  Within the next week or so that should be cleaned out.  I didn't want to bring anymore stuff to the new house after I decided to scrub the garage floors.  I already have enough boxes to move around.  The garage interior is almost all primed/painted as of last night.  I just have to cut in around some of the of outlets and the garage door supports.  Painting will be done this morning and the floor scrubing with start this evening and continue into tomorrow.  My wonderful mother in law is coming to help me with that!

Friday, June 10, 2011


Matthew loves playing outside at our new house. It is awesome out there with the birds singing, the frogs and it is quiet (no traffic noise).

Not sure if I shared on here about the excitement we had around the apartment about 3 weeks ago.
We were just sitting down to relax for the evening when we smelled what smelled like burned rubber.
It wasn't rubber it was plastic.  Somehow, the dumpter behind our apartment started on fire.  Talk about people freaking out.  We all stood and watched it until the fire truck came to put it out.
Ever since then, Matthew likes to build "fires".  He uses anything from toys to blankets to sticks.  He piles it all up in a big heap and usually has a miniature fire truck there to put it out.  So anyway, he has had a blast with all the sticks around the yard at our new house.  There was a small brush pile started and he has added a quite a few branches/sticks/

Here I think he is trying to plant a "tree" which was just a branch that fell off.
He is a busy little boy when he is playing outside!
Look at this adorable dirty face:
Usually every night when we come back to the apartment, he looks like this!
Just tonight, Matthew and Scott were staying home while I went and did some grocery shopping and have some Mommy time.  As I was getting ready to leave, I went to give Matthew a kiss and he told me to wait because his face was dirty.  He had to have Scott wash it before he would give me a kiss. 

On Wednesday, while Matthew was napping at our new house (where? I'll show you in an upcoming post), I continued to prime/paint the garage walls and ceiling.  I am a very messy painter and had little white specks all over my face when Matthew woke up from his nap.  He looked at me when I asked for a kiss and said, Mommy dirty.  I told him it was just a little paint and he was okay with that.

Farm Visit

Matthew and I attended our ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) program this past school year and had a wonderful time.  We overcame some separation anxiety (just a little though).  On the last day of class, we went to a local dairy farm for a tour.  We went to the same farm last year but it seems like we learn sometime each time we have been there.

On the last day of class, Scott got to go to the farm with us!
Scott had also attended a couple of classes with us during the year!
Matthew was a little scared of the cows at first but soon got over it and would pet the young calves.
I guess he is checking his hand for germs or something!
I want to say that this baby calf was born only a day or two before our visit.
Matthew tempting to pet the calf again.
Of course, we had to stop so Scott and Matthew would look at (or admire) the tractor.
Matthew with his friend Ethan from class.
Matthew talked about Ethan all the time but when it came to class, he was to shy.
Not really sure what is going on in the picture but it's just cute!
We all got stickers that said "I met a dairy farmer"
We also had a yummy snack of string cheese and chocolate or white milk.
Matthew and I with the teachers from our class.
Matthew had so much fun in class this year.
It is amazing what he retains and starting doing or saying later when we are out of class.
He learned a few songs that he loves to sing.  Sometimes he just breaks out in song.  He doesn't always remember all the words but he loves to sing them.

Bowling with Adie

I know that it has been awhile to get these pictures upload to show you:
To celebrate Mother's Day with Adie (Matthew's birthmother=just in case you are new to the blog), we went to dinner at Pizza Ranch and then went bowling.  We were suppose to go to Arrr Matie's Cove (Matthew's name for our local Pirate's Cove mini golf) but it was raining.

Matthew cheering himself on:
Scott showing us what he's got:
Adie bowling:
Matthew had to carry his own ball:
(He is in that stage now where he has to do everything himself)
Matthew helping Adie:
Scott even had to get a picture of me:
We had so much fun!
I can't imagine our life without Adie! 
She is wonderful!
We are blessed that she chose us to be Matthew's parents!
How does someone thank someone else for such a wonderful gift!
Even though there are days that I want to change my mommy name to Nick or Sally or something else, I wouldn't know what to do without our little blessing.
We love you Adie!