Thursday, October 27, 2011

What a Boy We Have

We have one comical child!  Where does he learn this stuff?  Today Matthew and I said our final good-bye to the apartment.  As we were leaving, Matthew decided not to hang onto the railing to go down the stairs.  He got going a little to fast and fell the last two steps.  As I ran down the last couple of stairs, he looked all right and he wasn't crying.  I bent down and asked if he was ok but he didn't answer me.  I started to panic inside but when I asked him again, he slowly stuck his tongue out but still didn't say anything.  I picked him up and asked if he was okay.  He laid his head on my shoulder with his tongue sticking out.  I told him he better say something or I would tickle him.  He said, "I died".  He had me scared a little bit but I knew when he stuck his tongue out that he was okay.  That's his "I died" look with his tongue sticking out.

He is fine!  As soon as we got outside, he wanted down and he ran to the car! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

We're Moving

Yes we are FINALLY moving!

We are so excited to finally be moving out to our new house.

We still have LOTS of work to do!

We are moving into the lower level which is partially finished until we can finish the upstairs.

At this point, it will be awhile before we finish the upstairs.

We did not anticipate putting this much money into this place but it seems that the further along we went the more things that we found that needed to be fixed.

We will pretty much have a brand new house by the time we are finshed which is exciting!

I'll be without internet for a few days but once things start to settle down, I will start showing some of the before and during pictures.  After pictures will of course have to wait until we are finished!

I have almost everything packed and moved already.  On Saturday, we have an awesome crew coming to help with all the "big" stuff.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Yes I realize that Matthew's birthday was well over a month ago but I finally had a few minutes to upload the pictures and give you a glimpse into how much fun we had.  Matthew had lots of fun this year with his birthday.  He requested that we go to the park and have a picnic lunch so that is what him and I did for lunch.  On the way to the car, he tripped and fell and skinned both knees a little.  We had fun playing at the park.  Then we went for ice cream. 

The night of his birthday, he wanted to go to Burger King.  With the help of Daddy before anyone else got there, he learned how to climb up the playland.  Yes Daddy actually went into the playland with him!  It was quite a site!  No I didn't get any pictures!

Here are a few pictures from the night of his birthday and his birthday party which was a couple of days later:
He loves his tractors!

I love how his feet our sticking out from under the present!

 He got a Lightening McQueen guitar.

 He got tools and a workbench with more tools!
 He requested a tractor ice cream cake!

Hahaha!  Wearing his goggles from his chainsaw upside down!
Yes they are all fogged up!
 Cutting down the tree with his new chainsaw!
Remember this post!  Scott and I thought he was like his own chainsaw.
He loves it!  He has almost "cut" down all the trees in our yard!  Hahaha!
 He plays his guiter and sings his favorite song!
"Life is a Highway" Can you guess where he gets that song from?
 I made this cute banner for his birthday.
His invitations also had polka dots on it.
 All the cupcakes had different color frosting to match the polka dots on his invitation.  I forgot to get a  picture of the cupcakes.  On Matthew's cupcake you can see the polka dot paper(same paper as the invitations) with the number 3 cut out but all the other cupcakes had circles (variety of colors to match the polka dots) attached to sucker sticks with different pictures on them.  Sorry no pictures of them.
Next year, I am going to hire someone to take pictures or ask someone to be in charge of my camera because I didn't get a whole lot of pictures this year.  I did finally put my sister in charge of the camera and she got some great pictures.
 Like his cute "Birthday Boy" shirt?  Can you believe that it is the same shirt he wore last year on his birthday?  Either it was big last year or he hasn't grown much.
 He must have asked a million times about opening presents.
We always have everyone eat, the cupcakes and ice cream and then presents.
He was in heaven when he finally got to open the presents.
He got lots of fun things.
Here are just a few:
 A talking Mater!
 A hoodie with a "John Deere" tractor on it!
 Some farm animals.
 He had to set the fence and animals up before he could open anymore gifts!
This was one of his favorites.  It is a tractor/front end loader.  This tractor went with us everywhere for a week or more!

He had a great birthday and party!  There was a total of 71 people.  Yes you read that right-71.  We do one big party which includes my family, Scott's family, Matthew's birthmother and her family and Matthew's birthfather and his family.  We had smoked pulled pork sandwiches (Scott smoked the pork roasts the day before which took about 12 hours), chips, fruit with fruit dip, my mom's yummy potato salad, home grown cucumbers and tomatoes (from Matthew's biological great grandpa's garden-Adie's grandpa) and cupcakes and ice cream.
Our garage at our new house worked awesome for the birthday party!