Thursday, August 25, 2011

Helping Daddy In The Tractor

Yes you read that right "Helping Daddy in the Tractor"

In the tractor bucket!
Scott had been working on our soffit and fascia around the house and his dad would lift him up in the tractor bucket to reach what he need to do so that he didn't have to move a ladder a million times to do the job.  Matthew wants a try to so when he was done with the house, Matthew and Scott got lifted up to remove a few dead branches that were hanging out in the other branches of the tree.

Whenever Papa (Scott's dad) would raise the bucket a little Matthew would get these big eyes but Matthew loved every second of it.
They were up there a LONG ways.
This mama was glad she was on the ground taking the pictures.
Matthew loves helping his Daddy and his Papa.  His Papa (and Grammie) have been helping us alot on the new house and Matthew loves seeing his Papa (and Grammie)!  Matthew gets pretty jealous if his Papa is holding one of the other grandchildren and if he knows that the other grandchildren are at Grammie and Papa's house.
One day while Grammie and I were working on removing some of the old ugly paneling from downstairs (I was also trying to help Scott with something too so I wasn't always downstairs), Matthew talked Grammie's ear off.  He was talking a million a minute.  I really think that his Papa put a quarter or a fifty cent piece in him before he left.  Hehehe!  When I was helping Scott upstairs, he and I would just chuckle because Matthew just kept going and going (even without a nap) and going.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just Pictures

I have been taking pictures for a few people lately and most of my pictures I just can't seem to get those really sharp crystal clear eyes that I see in other photographer's photos so I have been experimenting with my other lenses that I got for Christmas last year.

Here our a few practice shots: Not the best but they are cute enough to share:
Is was a rare occasion where Matthew was actually looking without be bribed.
Yes I have to bribe him to take pictures.

We were out at our new house and whenever we are there Matthew usually has dirt everywhere.  So you can see in the pictures that his face was all dirty.  It just adds to the cuteness.
One day when I was trying to get him to smile I told him to say "cheeseburger" but now when you ask him to smile his says cheeseburger Burger King.  (Guess where we go for cheeseburgers?)  Hahaha!
I have been reading lots and lots on all aspects of the camera and photo taking as I can to learn as much as I can.  Once we get settled into our new house and I have a few extra bucks, there is a photogrpahy course that I would love to take online.  Until then I will continue to read everything that I can.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Helping Daddy

Matthew just loves helping his Daddy with anything around the house.
One day last week, Scott had the day off so they worked on the railing on the outside deck.

He loves Daddy's undivided attention.
He has been a bigger helper around the house lately.
He is pretty funny too!
On this particular day, he came into the garage where I was working and said, "Mommy, uh I sweaty from working on the house." 
He was even pulling 2 x 4 x 8's off the trailer and dragging them to the window and helping push them in the window.  After he did 6 or so, he looked at me and said "Oh my back is hurting."  He took a break for awhile and then continued helping.  We had LOTs of 2 x 4's (90 I believe).  After we were done, he told me he was thristy and needed a treat.
He is getting so grown up!  While working of the new house, we have been letting him skip naps (unless of course, he really needs one) and he does really good without his naps.  I still give him naps during the week to see about catching up on some of that missed sleep but there are days when he is just not tired and just rests. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

3 Years Ago

3 years ago today, we meet a young man who helped our dream of becoming parents a reality.  We had met Adie first about a month before and she had told us about Sebastian and had even given us a picture of the both of them.  Meeting Adie and Sebastian were the most nerve wracking meetings we had ever had to do but oh so worth it.  I don't remember all the details of that first meeting but we shared a little bit about us and Sebastian shared a little about himself and Grandma G shared a little bit too.  Then we talked a little bit about the future-would the baby go to daycare or would I stay home and names for baby  I also remember that I was a bit embarrassed too because I started crying.  It is amazing how our relationship with both Adie and Sebastian and their families has become so natural and wonderful.  We enjoy the time that we spend with both families and hope that they feel the same.  When we first had to make contact agreements we had no idea how our relationships would evolve.  We do written updates, we started the blog, we send pictures, we get together several times a year and they are welcome to call or stop by to visit whenever we are available.  I know this year I have gotten a little behind with our house remodel with getting pictures and updates out but I know that they understand.  We also love texting!  If Matthew does something or makes a little face or anything that reminds us of his birthparent or any of their family members, we send pictures and stories by texting.

  I can't believe that in a little our 2 weeks we will all be getting together to celebrate one special little boy who is turning 3!!!  I know I can't believe he is 3 already.  Matthew's birthday has become my favorite "holiday" each year.  I love planning his parties!  And let me tell ya, we always have one heck of a birthday bash.  I take lots of notes while planning and I try to write down all the details after like how many people, what food went and how much and as much other details as I can remember.  Of course, I try to take lots of pictures to remember the event!  This year we get to have his party at our new house!  We are go excited to show everyone all our hard work so far!  We will be moving to our new house in about 5 weeks.  Since the project has become so much bigger that we anticipated, we are working at getting the basement set up to a livable arrangement until we can finish the upstairs.  The bathroom downstairs was not originally designed very well so we have had issues but I think we have come up with a solution.  We need to check on prices and availability for a few things before we know for sure.  Yep that is on my to do list tomorrow as well as getting clothes washed and packed for camping, grocery shopping and cooking and packing up my mom and stepdad's motorhome.
Yes we are actually taking 3 whole days off from the house to go camping with family.  This is our annual camping trip with Scott's aunt Karyl which was start I think 25 years ago.  Matthew is also excited that he gets to use his SpongeBob SquarePants fishing pole.


While working and playing outside we also seen a walking stick.
They are so cool!
Here it is:

Sunday, August 21, 2011

What Was In The Box?

Matthew had actually gotten two packages on 2 different days!
The first package was the fun net/cage and with it he got ladybugs.
Matthew and Daddy went outside and found some twigs and leaves and then sat on the deck and put the ladybugs in.
Let me back up just a little: Matthew loves the book called "The Grouchy Ladybug" by Eric Carle.
We have read it so many times that we can almost recite it and we can change words and Matthew will correct us.  So Grammie and Papa bought him this fun kit.  After Matthew opened the kit, he said very excitedly, "Just like my book"!  Then his mood immediately changed.  He was sad because his book was out at our new house and he wanted to match them.  He still had fun helping Daddy though!

I love the concentration!

Then Matthew was off carrying his ladybugs around leaving Daddy sit on the deck!
The other package that he got was a painted lady butterfly.  It is actually the eggs so we get to watch it become a caterpillar, a chrysalis and then the butterfly.  We are really excited!
We have also been watching monarch caterpillars on the milk weed at our new house.  The one caterpillar is getting really big and should form his chrysalis really soon!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

So Excited

Matthew was so excited the other day when we got home!
There was a package at the door for him.
He could hardly wait to open it! He had a hard time waiting for me to carry in the groceries and he definitely didn't let me put the groceries away before he opened it.
Come back tomorrow to find out what was in his package!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Crazy Boy

My mother in law and I have been rearranging and organizing our new garage, getting ready for Matthew's birthday party which is in a few short weeks. We have it almost done except for the lawn mowers, tiller, power washer and a few others.  I think the day of the party that those will just be moved out of the garage.  Now that that is done, I must start working on his birthday invitations and a few other things that I want to do for his birthday.
Matthew's sandbox was one thing that we were cleaning around in the garage until Grammie brought sand for it on one of the days that we were cleaning.  Matthew was REALLY excited to finally be able to play in his sandbox.  When he realized that Grammie had sand, he went in the garage to try to get his sandbox.  He flipped it upside down to get all the stuff out of it.  Then as soon as I got one bag of sand in it, he had already started putting his toys in.  After we got the sand in, he jumped in and started playing so we went back to working on the garage.
After a few minutes, I went out to check on him and this is what I seen:

He is bare naked playing in his sandbox.  I started laughing and I ran to the garage to have Grammie come see.  Hahaha!  She said you have to get a picture and put it on the blog.
He had no idea why he got naked!  After I cleaned him up, I made him at least put his underwear back on.  He was so dirty when we left that day that he got a bath as soon as we got home back to the apartment!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Beautiful Eyes

This week over at I Heart Faces the challenge is "Beautiful Eyes".
Matthew has the most beautiful eyes to me!
They are so blue!

I Heart Faces - Photography Challenges and Photo Tutorials

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First Attempt at Birthday Pictures

I tried to do a little photo shoot with Matthew the other day to get his 3 year old pictures done!
I was unsuccessful.
Here is what I got:

A silly smile:
An "I don't want to do this look"
Ok-"I'll try to smile but with my head funny" look:
This is probably one of the cutest ones!
And I took at least 150 pictures.
Ok, Let me try this way look:

The "I'm brushing my teeth with my finger look"
The "I'm looking and have a crooked smile but my head is still crooked look"
This one is cute but he was not going to look at me:
"Ok Mom are we done yet so I don't have to show you my smile any more Look"

"Can you see all my teeth from way back there look"

Then it was on to some bubble fun!
He was trying to lick the bubbles!
This picture is the best!
We have a bubble machine that makes really BIG bubbles and this one just happened to pop when I snapped this picture!
Do you see his tongue out trying to "catch" it?
One more "Are we done yet look"
We didn't have a successful time for any birthday pictures so we will try again.

Did you see the count down timer at the top of the blog for his birthday?
It's hard to believe that in less than a month, he is going to be 3 years old.
Where did the time go?
I finally started working on his birthday invitations.
Then I have some sewing to do for a little idea I have.
This party will be at our new house (even though we are not even close to being done).
Hopefully I can get the garage all cleaned out and organized again so we can have the party in the garage.  Scott says we can have it in the house so everyone can see the progress of our remodel project.  Or there has even been talk of outside with a bonfire.  If it will be like the last two years, it rained so that might be out of the question.
I'm contemplating what to do with our house pictures.  Do I put them on our family blog or start another blog for the house and all the millions of projects that will be taking place.  A  house is never done and there always seems to be projects to do that can and would keep another blog interesting.  I'll let you know what I decide.
On to another subject: About 2 weeks ago I had my first ever Senior Grad session!  The session was a blast and I got some great shots!  We are going to do another session after she returns from her trip in a new location.  I have been expertimenting with my other lenses to see what I like best.  Wish my test subject above would be a little more willing to have his picture taken.  I really want to start my own studio/business some day but I second guess myself a lot about it.  But first things first, we have to finsh this house remodel.
Ok enough of my ramblings.
Hope everyone (here in Minnesota) anyway is enjoying this much cooler weather.
I know we are!!!! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just Because!!!!!!

He is so CUTE!

Can you believe that in a month and a few days this little guy is going to be 3?!
Where did the time go?
Lots of birthday party ideas are floating around in my head. Think I better start on some of them really soon.


 On Sunday, Daddy found a caterpillar and was showing it to Little Man but he was a little scared of it.
He did not want to hold it.
Being the brave mama that I am (giggle giggle), I showed Matthew that I could hold it.
It actually tickled!
 He was just a tiny fuzzy caterpillar.
 Matthew was brave and held the lens cap with the caterpillar on it but.....
 when it started moving he dropped the lens cap.
 So this brave mama picked up the tiny caterpillar and put him on a tree stump.
Matthew wanted to watch him.
Then he looked my way and I clicked.
He never wants me or lets me take pictures of him.
 A short while later after begging for a picture, this is what I got.
 Then he had enough of me trying to take his picture so he decided to help Daddy.
Or just play with Daddy's stuff.

Tractor Ride

A few weeks ago, Scott was finally able to bring his tractor to the new house.
Matthew has been enjoying some tractor riding time.

 Daddy even lets him think that he is driving it.
Matthew loves his daddy and loves when daddy gives him tractor rides.

Ever hear of Corneal Flash Burns? Or sunburn to the eyes?
On Friday, Scott was working at our new house, removing rock from around the house, the sun was shining, the house has white house wrap on it.
About 3 am Saturday morning, Scott woke me up saying that his eyes felt like someone dumped a bucket of sand in each one.  We both first thought pink eye.  It was so bad that we called and talked to a nurse at the local hospital.  She was not pleasant and didn't really want to help.  So we called the hospital that is about 30 to 45 minutes away.  The nurse was amazing and funny too!  She and Scott talked for a few minutes about symptoms and she told him what she thought and what he should do.  She also told him what they would do for him if he came in.  So he tried what she suggested first.  By Saturday afternoon, his eyes were feeling much better but as you can see by the above pictures he wore his sunglasses and Matthew did too.

The following information is from eMedicinehealth:
Eyes, particularly the cornea (the clear window of tissue on the front of the eyeball), can be easily damaged by exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun and from other sources of ultraviolet light, such as a welder's arc, a photographer's flood lamps, a sun lamp, or even a halogen desk lamp.

At first, we thought it was from a welder's arc because Scott's dad was welding on the tractor bucket but Scott never looked at the arc.  He knows better!  As I read further, we figured that it was from glare from the sun off of the white house wrap.  We used lubricating eye drops on his eyes a few times and he wore his sunglasses while outside.