Friday, October 30, 2009

Fingerprint Friday

There is a song by Steven Curtis Chapman that says:

I can see the fingerprints of God
When I look at you
I can see the fingerprints of God
And I know its true
You're a masterpiece
That all creation quietly applauds

And you're covered with the fingerprints of God
So look around you and see where YOU can see God's fingerprints. Is it in nature? Kids? Animals? Where do you see them?

Today is a special day! 
Why you ask?
It is Scott's birthday!
Here are a few things that I want everyone to know:
1. He is a wonderful husband!
2. He is an amazing dad!
3. He loves to teach Matthew new things.
4. He works hard so that I can be a stay at home mom.
5. He makes breakfast every morning for us.
6. He loves to be outdoors.
7. He loves to take Matthew on tractor rides.
8. He spent hours working on (and fixing and painting) his John Deere tractor.
9. His (our) yard is immaculate.
10. He has LOTS of junk (oops I mean stuff).
11. He has brown eyes.
12. He likes to hunt.
13.  He likes to trap gophers.
14. He likes to sing along with the radio.
15. He always watches the news in the morning.
16. He always helps people out.
17. As a hobby, he works on clocks.
18. He is almost 6 months younger than me.
19. Whenever we go somewhere together, he always drives.
20. He likes fried chicken.
21. He looks like his dad.
22. He shows off pictures of Matthew to everyone he meets.
23. He can fix anything.
24.  He made me (us) this gorgeous bed for our anniversary one year.
25. He gets up for work at 4:45 am
26. He always gives me a kiss before he leaves.
27. He loves to sit on the floor with Matthew and play.
28. He makes great omelettes and hashbrowns.
29. He always laughs at me when I cry over a movie but he always gets me a kleenex.
30. He watches Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice with me.
31. He is color blind (some browns and greens look the same to him and red looks like brown to him)
32. He is 32 years old today!

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Once Again

Guess What? 
Tooth #4 is working really hard to make an appearance!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tractor Rides

Matthew loves his tractor and Daddy loves giving Matthew rides on the tractor.  They went for a nice long tractor ride today since it was gorgeous weather.  Matthew jabbered the whole time.  Then he helped Daddy outside for a bit before dinner.  He played outside lots today but he loved every minute of it.

Final Carvings

Here is the final carving of our pumpkin family!


Pampering Beki who hosts Fingerprint Friday every week is having a giveaway.  She makes the most beautiful jewerly.  Click here to go to her site and view the beautiful necklace.  Be sure to hurry on over to Pampering Beki's site-She is doing a random drawing on Saturday.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

We had lots of fun carving pumpkins last night!  Matthew wasn't sure if he wanted to get his hands dirty.

Mad because we wouldn't let him eat raw pumpkin seeds!

Final carving pictures coming soon!

Happy Halloween


Eating an Apple

As I was making lunch yesterday, Matthew was crabbin so I gave it an apple to keep him busy.  Well when it was time to eat he didn't want to eat any lunch.  All he wanted was his apple.

Do you see all the teeth marks?
Do you see someone's little fingers trying to get the apple back?


To all my wonderful followers:
I am sorry if you have been trying to view old pictures from mid September or before.  I made a few changes to my blogger/google account and all my pictures were deleted.  I will slowly reupload them for your viewing pleasure.  I apologize but it will take me awhile to upload all of them again.  Please keep checking back.
I promise to keep more fun pictures coming from recent activities also.


Gotta love John Deere! I am been inpatiently waiting for Matthew to be able to wear his John Deere shirt. (I really don't want him to grow up any faster than he already is but this shirt is so cute). Yesterday Matthew and Scott wore their almost matching John Deere shirts. Everyone thought that it was so cute that they matched. (Side note: Whenever we go somewhere, I always try to have us in matching colors so if we get separated I remember what color they are wearing.)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Monday Activities

Monday morning started out like any other day.  Matthew and I almost always watch Sesame Street at 9 in the morning on Lakeland Public TV.  Matthew loves Sesame Street.  This is how you will often find him while it is on.

Monday afternoon since Matthew loves to walk now, we walked down our driveway to get the mail.  Matthew walked almost all the way down and back up again.  Then we decided to play outside for a bit.
Doesn't he look so cute in his hat?
He walked all over the yard.  Where he is standing in this picture, there is a very slight incline.  He fell on his butt here and tried several times to get back up so he crawled a little closer to me and then was able to get back up.  It was so cute watching him.

He is the cutest baby in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Especially when he is walking!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Where has the last week went? 
Sorry I haven't posted anything. 
It was one busy week last week. 
I worked for a few hours on Wednesday.  Thursday we did all our shopping and went to visit Scott at the job he was working at (He has been working lots and Matthew gets orney if he doesn't get to see him).  Friday we did some errands in the morning and in the afternoon, we spent some time with my sister, her friend and her friend's little girl.  I did a photo shoot of the little girl at their farm.  Matthew loved the cows at the farm.  Here are a couple of the shots that I took:

Saturday my sister and I went shopping in St Cloud and in Maple Grove.  We went looking for a crib for my niece or nephew coming in January.  We found a cute one at Babies R Us in Maple Grove.  I love that store.  I bought Matthew a couple of cute shirts and some toddler silverware (He gets mad if we don't give him silverware).  My sister and I had lots of fun talking and laughing all day.  Matthew got to spend the whole day with daddy.  Matthew is walking around like crazy.  He can even get up by himself in the middle of the floor without holding onto anything.
On Sunday after church, we spent the day at home catching up on sleep, some cleaning and some laundry.  Matthew even helped with the laundry.

He loves riding in the basket from the laundry room to the living room. 
Doesn't he look so cute in his new shirt?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


On Saturday night when we were at my mom's visiting, Matthew was playing in the living room and then walked into the kitchen all by himself. He has now been walking almost non stop. On Sunday, he was being a ham and showing off just how good he is getting with walking. He is just growing up way to fast.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Eating at Grandma and Grandpa's House

You would like that we starve this child the way he ate at grandma and grandpa's house on Saturday.  He even licked his plate clean.  Maybe he knew that if he ate all his supper he would get pumpkin bars and/or pie.

He ate his pumpkin bar and then tried to steal his cousin Austin's.  Grandma spoils him just a little and gave him another pumpkin bar.

He picked the whole thing up and went to town (NOTE: This is his second one!)

Grandpa adding a little cool whip!

The pumpkin bars and the pumpkin pie were very yummy!
Thanks mom for dinner and dessert!
Sorry the pictures are not the best quality.  They were taken with my cell phone.

Tour of Fall Leaves with Snow Covering

On Saturday, we took a little drive to view all the beautiful fall leaves.

The first and second pictures were taken in Pillsbury State Forest.
We then decided to go to the Pequot Lakes Historic Fire Tower.
We didn't realize that we had to go on a small hike to get there so we really were not dressed for the weather.  We made due with what we had in the car.

The historic fire tower.
There are 8 flights of stairs to get to the top.
The highest I could go is 4 flights. 
I got nauseous and was shaking! 
Yay I don't do well with heights!
Scott and Matthew made it all the way up.
All the way back down I was shaking and hanging on for dear life.
I was glad when my feet were planted back on solid ground.

The view was beautiful even from the 4th flight.

We were pretty cold by the time we made it back to the car.

We had lots of fun even though we got cold.
We then went to visit my mom for dinner andd yummy pumpkin bars and pie.  I will post pictures after I get them downloaded from my phone

Saturday, October 10, 2009


That's what we woke up to this morning.

Matthew tried crawling out while I was taking the picture so I let him play in it for just a minute or two.

He wasn't so sure if he liked that cold stuff on his fingers.

His cute little handprint on the deck!

Didn't like his hands in it so he decided to take a few steps out in it.

He just had to touch it one more time!

He was mad that I would let him stay out there but it is to cold and plus as you can see he was not dressed for the weather. 
This is the first time he has actually played in the snow.