Monday, August 22, 2011

3 Years Ago

3 years ago today, we meet a young man who helped our dream of becoming parents a reality.  We had met Adie first about a month before and she had told us about Sebastian and had even given us a picture of the both of them.  Meeting Adie and Sebastian were the most nerve wracking meetings we had ever had to do but oh so worth it.  I don't remember all the details of that first meeting but we shared a little bit about us and Sebastian shared a little about himself and Grandma G shared a little bit too.  Then we talked a little bit about the future-would the baby go to daycare or would I stay home and names for baby  I also remember that I was a bit embarrassed too because I started crying.  It is amazing how our relationship with both Adie and Sebastian and their families has become so natural and wonderful.  We enjoy the time that we spend with both families and hope that they feel the same.  When we first had to make contact agreements we had no idea how our relationships would evolve.  We do written updates, we started the blog, we send pictures, we get together several times a year and they are welcome to call or stop by to visit whenever we are available.  I know this year I have gotten a little behind with our house remodel with getting pictures and updates out but I know that they understand.  We also love texting!  If Matthew does something or makes a little face or anything that reminds us of his birthparent or any of their family members, we send pictures and stories by texting.

  I can't believe that in a little our 2 weeks we will all be getting together to celebrate one special little boy who is turning 3!!!  I know I can't believe he is 3 already.  Matthew's birthday has become my favorite "holiday" each year.  I love planning his parties!  And let me tell ya, we always have one heck of a birthday bash.  I take lots of notes while planning and I try to write down all the details after like how many people, what food went and how much and as much other details as I can remember.  Of course, I try to take lots of pictures to remember the event!  This year we get to have his party at our new house!  We are go excited to show everyone all our hard work so far!  We will be moving to our new house in about 5 weeks.  Since the project has become so much bigger that we anticipated, we are working at getting the basement set up to a livable arrangement until we can finish the upstairs.  The bathroom downstairs was not originally designed very well so we have had issues but I think we have come up with a solution.  We need to check on prices and availability for a few things before we know for sure.  Yep that is on my to do list tomorrow as well as getting clothes washed and packed for camping, grocery shopping and cooking and packing up my mom and stepdad's motorhome.
Yes we are actually taking 3 whole days off from the house to go camping with family.  This is our annual camping trip with Scott's aunt Karyl which was start I think 25 years ago.  Matthew is also excited that he gets to use his SpongeBob SquarePants fishing pole.

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