Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just Pictures

I have been taking pictures for a few people lately and most of my pictures I just can't seem to get those really sharp crystal clear eyes that I see in other photographer's photos so I have been experimenting with my other lenses that I got for Christmas last year.

Here our a few practice shots: Not the best but they are cute enough to share:
Is was a rare occasion where Matthew was actually looking without be bribed.
Yes I have to bribe him to take pictures.

We were out at our new house and whenever we are there Matthew usually has dirt everywhere.  So you can see in the pictures that his face was all dirty.  It just adds to the cuteness.
One day when I was trying to get him to smile I told him to say "cheeseburger" but now when you ask him to smile his says cheeseburger Burger King.  (Guess where we go for cheeseburgers?)  Hahaha!
I have been reading lots and lots on all aspects of the camera and photo taking as I can to learn as much as I can.  Once we get settled into our new house and I have a few extra bucks, there is a photogrpahy course that I would love to take online.  Until then I will continue to read everything that I can.

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