Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just a story or two, maybe three

The other night while Scott was giving Matthew a shower, Matthew told Scott, "Look
Daddy our toes are the same just mine are little."

On Monday on our way to school, Matthew decided that I needed help with directions to get to school.  He told me that to get to school we have to go the same way we do to get to Uncle Kyle's house. He is such a smartie.  Yes we do take the same road. 

One day this week, Matthew and I walked down to the mail box and when we were coming back up the driveway, he stops, picks up a rock and says, "Mommy this is a chalk rock."  I was like okay and I carried his chalk rock to the house while thinking to myself, "how in the world does he know what a chalk rock is."  Sure enough it was a chalk rock.  Send Scott a text, no response so I call Papa (Matthew and Papa like to pick up rocks to throw in the river) and ask him if he has told him about chalk rocks.  Nope but he said maybe Emma (our niece) because she talks about them.  Finally get a text back from Scott.  He told Matthew about chalk rocks LAST summer.  It's crazy what this child remembers.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Visit with Grandpa Roger and Auntie Mandy

On March 11th, we had a fun family day with a visit from Grandpa Roger and Auntie Mandy.
 Grandpa Roger with his grandchildren.

Flying a Kite

Last weekend, Matthew got a new kite and there was lots of wind to help fly it.
We took him just down the road to new development with an open cul-de-sac.
The kite took right off!

We bought the cheapest kite at the store but it worked great!
Matthew had a blast!
I think we fly the kite for 45 minutes or more!
I actually think that it was the first time that I had every flown a kite too!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Matthew and his Cousin Landon

Last weekend, I got to take pictures of our nephew Landon.  We also captured some of Matthew and Landon.

Matthew asked if Landon was our baby.  Sorry buddy but he is just your cousin.
Matthew has been asking about brothers and sisters lately.  One day in the car he was telling me that he wanted a sister.  I told him maybe someday you will have a sister or brother. About an hour after this conversation, we were checking out at Wal-mart and he told the cashier that he was going to have a sister.  I had to break his heart and tell him that MAYBE someday he would have a sister or brother but not now.  I'm not sure he could handle sharing his mom or especially his dad.  He has a hard time seeing mom and dad hug and kiss.  He is always there to break us up so that I'm not touching his dad.  He won't even let us hold hands!  He's a crazy kid but we love him like crazy!


For Christmas, Matthew got a ceramic boat and some paint!
He had a blast painting his boat!

When he really wants to do something, he can concentrate on it so hard!
He enjoyed painting so much that for Valentine's Day, we bought him a couple other things to paint.

Horseback Riding

Back on February 25, Matthew along with 3 of his cousins had fun learning about and riding horses.  They first learned about the horse and what some of the behaviors of a horse are and then they each got to ride a horse.

 Very serious
 Getting excited for his turn
 But now he's not so sure!
 He kept telling Daddy to sit right here and he pointed to the saddle. 
He wanted Daddy to ride with him.
Holding Daddy's hand had to do!
 Look! He's doing it all by himself.

 After the ride, they got to brush the horse and give him a treat!

Valentines Day Art

This is Matthew's heart that he made at ECFE.
It's still hanging in our window.