Tuesday, June 29, 2010


During bathtime last night, I did a mohawk. 
I held up a mirror so he could see it and he made some funny faces.
He is pretty silly. 


Monday morning, Matthew and I went to the park.  We decided on a different park than the one that is a block from our house.  This park was really quiet.  We were the only ones there.  Matthew loved this tunnel.  To him it was steep enough for a slide.
This picture, he is at the top:
This one he is at the end:
He had lots of fun!
When he got bored with the playground, he started climbing onto the benches of the picnic tables or he was busy picking up and playing with sticks.  He always finds sticks wherever we go.  When I told him that it was time for us to leave, I told him that he had to leave his stick so some other little boy can play with it.  He wasn't really happy with me when we had to leave it there.

He was really good while we were at the park but the rest of the day, he was a little on the grumpy side.  It must be his teeth bothering him.  He is working on 2 molars and has been a bit grumpy this time.


Fun in the Sun!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


We had a fun evening!
Last night, we took Sebastian (Matthew's birthfather) out to dinner to celebrate birthfather's day. 
Yes we are a week behind but he was busy last week.
It is such a blessing to have him (and his family) in our lives.
Matthew loves to be a little show off too!
It is always so fun to see the connection that Matthew and Sebastian have and to see them interacting with each other.
There are often times during everyday activities that Scott or I will stop and comment how much he looks like Sebastian.
I love seeing that!
Matthew sure missed seeing Grandma G last night.
She was working :(.

PS Sorry that I don't have a picture to share but can you believe that I forgot the camera.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


One of Matthew's favorite fruits are grapes.
The other morning we wanted a snack so I have him the container of grapes.
We were probably watching Disney Cars. 
 He has been loving that show.
When he wants to watch it, he says Mater, mote (remote) and tb (TV).
He sure makes cute faces when he is eating grapes.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Playing at the Park

He loves playing at the park.
And it seems like every time I post pictures of him playing at the park, he is wearing the same outfit.
We go there lots!
Plus I think this outfit is so cute on him!


On Friday evening, we went into town to do a little shopping and when we got home Scott caught this cute baby bunny.


These pictures were taken after the storms on June 17.
I love how the sun beams are shining through.

Robin's Nest

A few weeks ago, we noticed that a robin kept flying in and out of this small tree next to our apartment building.  We watched and waited! 
Here is a glimpse of her nest with 4 beautiful eggs:
This was not long after (Just after the eggs hatched):
The next time I went to take pictures, they were learning how to fly and 2 of them jumped out of the tree and tried to fly/run away.
Scott caught them and we put them back in the tree.
This is what a baby robin does when something gets close to his beak.
The robin was very protective of her babies just like any mother.  She dive-bombed us everytime we tried to get a peek.  Matthew was scared to even go by the tree.  Yes she dive-bombed him a couple of times too!  If his ball would go by the tree he would just stand and scream and point at the tree.

Guess What I'm Doing?

Does anyone have a guess to what I am up to?
In my little pile, I have orange fabric, green fabric, blue fabric, a triangle, a picture, some scrapbook paper, a glue runner and a corner rounder (that's what the tool is).
Keep checking back in the next couple of months to find out what I am up to!
I can wait to show you the end result!
Feel free to make a guess!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tonka Truck

Matthew loves his Tonka truck.
And he likes to make faces at his mommy.


This is our sweet little niece Annabelle!
Can you believe that she is almost 5 months old already?

Potty Training

A while back, we decide on one of our trips to our storage unit that we would grab the potty chair.
Matthew loves to take off his diaper so I thought why not give it a try.
About the first week, he was excited to sit on it.
Yesterday when he woke up dry I debated whether or not to put him on the potty chair because we didn't have much time before we had to leave but man am I glad that I did.
I decided to grab a book and read to him while he sat there.

Before long he stood up and looked in the potty chair.
He went pee in the potty chair for the first time!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We had a picnic on Sunday to celebrate Father's Day a week early with my dad!

To my family, please email me with what picture and size you want.

Monday, June 14, 2010

All Smiles

Isn't this just the cutest picture ever?
He is such a HAM!

Fun Adventures

These pictures are from our activities from not this past weekend but the weekend before.
I know I am a little slow but these were taken with my phone.

Our first adventure was a paddle boat ride.
Then a bike ride!
The first ride, we rode from my in-laws to our apartment which was about 7.2 miles.
He loves rides in the bike trailer. 
We have been trying to get at least one ride in a day inbetween rain showers.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

To Cute For Words

Sunday morning after church, we were reading the newspaper.
Matthew too!
Do you love the concentration?
Maybe a little annoyed that I was taking his picture or that I caught him :)
Seriously! This is what he was looking at!
Already?  Are we in trouble or what?
Isn't he a little young to be looking at girls *ahem women already?
Well we got a kick out of it and thought you would too!
I wonder what he was really thinking?


Let me first start out by telling you a story:
Some time ago (maybe 3 years ago), Scott and I used to have our niece over most Saturday nights.  Then Sunday morning before church, we would go to McDonalds for breakfast.  Like most kids, she always wanted to say hi to people and ask them what their name was.  There was a man whom we seen regularly at McDonalds *Little side note: All the employees knew him by name* and she always said hi to him and one time she asked him his name.  So every week, we made it a point to say hi to him if he was there and sometimes even talked with him a bit.  One Sunday after she found out that she was getting a new cousin (Matthew), she of course had to tell him.  Then we stopped going for awhile after Matthew was born.  When we started going occasionally, we always hoped we would see him.  One Sunday we did and he was excited to meet our new babe!  Then he reminisced about when his kids were born and how they grow so fast.
Well, after we moved we were out for a walk one night exploring the neighborhood and as we walked by one house, we heard, "Is that Matthew?"  We both stopped and looked at each other and then realized who it was.  It was the man from McDonalds!  We stopped and chatted for a few minutes and he welcomed us to the neighborhood and said that we were welcome to use his beach anytime because his kids really never do.

So here are some pictures from his beach (by the way his name is Terry):
(Quick note: When he put his dock out this year, the end was in sand but with all the rain you actually have to walk in between ankle and knee deep water to get to it)

As you can see, he loves tractors!
Scott found a dragonfly nymph.
Matthew even had to investigate it.
Me on the other hand, I was okay with just looking at it in the water.
We played for quite some time.  Then all of a sudden, Matthew walked up to Scott and said Uppie!
He was cold :(
He is half smiling and half shivering in this picture!
After I got him in dry clothes, he fell in the sand and got a face full of it!
We had a wonderful time!
It is always so enjoyable to spend quality family time together.
(Wondering what his shirt says?  What happens at grandmas, stays at grandmas)