Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Playing with a Caterpillar

This year we found lots of caterpillars.  Matthew was not so much into touching them or holding them.
Either was his Mama but Daddy would always have to hold them and tell me to be brave!  That crazy Daddy!  I was however BRAVE until they started to move and then I had to laugh so I wouldn't freak out or cry.  By the end of summer I was brave and could hold one and so was Matthew!
Love the look on his face in this picture:
Ok just put it in my hand!  Hahaha!

It started crawling around in his hand! 

He was pretty proud of himself! 
Then he played with it for at least an hour.  It even played in his sand box with him.

He was pretty sad when we told him that he had to let is go.
Every time after that he seen one, he had to study it and move it to a better place.
Daddy is going to teach him how to love all the creatures great and small including frogs and toads!

New Bed

Back before we moved, we changed beds with my sister in law.  She had a toddler bed but needed a crib so we changed.  Matthew got the toddler bed and was so excited but he was also scared at the same time.  Most nights (during the night), we would join us in our bed.

We tried to find him Disney "Cars" blanket when we got the new bed but all the stores in town were out and the one we have is for a twin bed so it is way to big for the toddler bed.

Once we moved to the new house, he has been doing great sleeping in his own bed.  Of course, his bed and our bed are in the same room.  Since our house is not completely done, we are living in the basement temporarily and there is only one bedroom but it works!


Sorry about the long delay in posting.
Wow!  I thought that things would slow down a bit after we moved in but it's not happening.
I envy those people who post every day.

Back in September, the 3 year olds and 4 years olds from our church who started Sunday School this year received a Bible.  It is an amazing Bible!  It is almost as big as he is.  He had a hard time carrying it so it fell and got a bent corner right away.

Here is a few pictures of him with his new Bible:

Since I haven't had much time I haven't edited pictures in a long time. So the next bunch of posts will not have the best picture quality.

In Sunday School they studied the story of Noah's Ark for 5 weeks and then The Lord is my Shepherd for 5 weeks.  Matthew has been doing awesome with his memory work.  The teacher gives the kids things to memory and then they say it to the teacher to get a prize out of the treasure chest.  He already knew the Lord's prayer so that one was easy for him.  He memorized the Come Lord Jesus prayer which we say at meal time now.  He is loving Sunday School (and Dad has to go with him not mom).  That's ok! 
I am so excited that he will be a part of the Sunday School Christmas program this year!