Friday, February 25, 2011

Our Sick Baby

This past week, Matthew had the flu.
It started Monday night while he was home with daddy while I was at the church for the photo group.
He forced himself to stay awake until I got home.
Scott said that if he started to fall asleep he would move so that he would stay awake.
As soon as I walked in the door, he looked at me and said, "Matthew threw up".
He wanted me to hold him right away.
He is a Mama's boy only when he is sick.
Tuesday: We spent almost the whole day on the couch (similar to the picture below).
See how his jammie shirt is up a little bit?
This is so we can "tickle" this tummy.
"Tickle"=running our fingers slightly around on his tummy=a relaxation to Matthew.
He gets mad if we stop before he is ready to stop.
He will actually grab our hands and put it where ever he wants us to tickle.
His favorite areas are his tummy and his arms.

His fever finally broke Thursday morning.
He continues to have a runny nose, sneezing and a rough cough.
Scott has also been sick (He started on Saturday with a fever).
I'm praying that I don't get sick.
So far so good.


Last year for Matthew's birthday, we bought him a chalkboard/art easel!
He loves writing with chalk!
He even writes on the wood areas where he shouldn't.
He was really getting into it the other day!
The tongue was just going!
Then the she caught me look!
He loves running around in just his underwear so that's what we left him do.
Saves on the laundry if he has an accident.

Time with Adie

Last weekend we were invited to dinner with Adie and Anissa.
Mamma (Anissa) bought Matthew some things to play with at her house. 
They had lots of fun playing with the play-doh.
They were making snakes.

This bottom picture is so cute.
He looks so big sitting on the stool.
Thanks Anissa for dinner!  It was awesome!
We had a great time!
We love spending time with Matthew's birthparents and their families.
When we started our adoption journey, we never would have believed that we would become a part of two wonderful families.  We have the most amazing relationship with Matthew's birthparents and their families.

More Playing Outside

So sorry for my absence from blogging. 
Our life is crazy busy right now and time just slips away from me.
These pictures were from February 15.
Matthew played outside for a little bit while Daddy looked to see what was wrong with my car.
I'm really enjoying and learning lots from my photography class.
Did I also tell you that we have a photo group at our church?
Our youth director is very passionate about photography and has been teaching me things too.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Playing Outside

I had some time to play outside because the weather has been beautiful and we finally had some free time.
Life sure gets crazy busy sometimes.
Here are a few pictures of our outside time:

It is getting harder and harder to get pictures of Matthew.
I think that he is tired of me taking his picture.
Hope you are all enjoying the awesome weather that we are having.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Time with Bash

This post is a tad bit late but life has been crazy busy!
We were finally able to get together with Sebastian and his family almost 2 weeks ago.
We had so much fun!
Matthew was being a silly boy and very shy towards Bash. 
These two crack me up. 
They played very good together.
Loa is just under a year older than Matthew.
Did I tell you that Loa is Matthew's uncle?!

Matthew would barely give Bash five.
Trying to get Matthew to give him knuckles.
Matthew decided to give Auntie knuckles.
Finally giving knuckles but still not happy about it.
He Gave Grandma G hugs no problem.
Thanks Grandma G for dinner and for a great night!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just Because!!!!!!

This is what I get for a smile from him anymore!
Do you think it's because I take too many pictures?
NOTE: Same picture-Different editing
Did I tell you that I am taking an advanced photography class?
It's a continuation from the class that I took last year.
It started last night and I already learned alot even though most of it was a review.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Matthew on Piano!