Saturday, September 3, 2011

Out of the Mouth of an almost 3 year old

Yesterday as we were getting things ready to go out to our new house and work, Matthew was standing in the kitchen drinking some orange juice and talking a mile a minute.  He told me that the juice at Papa's house is way better and that mine is kind of dangerous.  Where that came from I am not really sure.  Oh and by the way, I don't make the juice, daddy does.  hahaha.

And in his ramblings, he told me that daddy had a girlfriend at church.  So I asked him what her name was.  Her name was  Donna.  Hahaha!  The only Donna that we know of at our church is Scott's aunt, Donna.  Scott had no idea about this conversation that took place so when we got to the new house, I asked him who Donna was at church.  He gave him the most puzzled look and said the only Donna he know at church was Aunt Donna.  I finally had to tell him the girlfriend story. 

We had a couple of good laughs yesterday!  I wonder what today will bring!

I have lots of pictures to show from the last couple of weeks but please be patient, I have a birthday party in the works!  My baby turns 3 in a couple of days!  His party is one week from day!  We have lots of cleaning and some reorganzing to do still.  Oh and we are moving into our new house in just a few weeks (haven't even started packing yet)!

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