Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First Attempt at Birthday Pictures

I tried to do a little photo shoot with Matthew the other day to get his 3 year old pictures done!
I was unsuccessful.
Here is what I got:

A silly smile:
An "I don't want to do this look"
Ok-"I'll try to smile but with my head funny" look:
This is probably one of the cutest ones!
And I took at least 150 pictures.
Ok, Let me try this way look:

The "I'm brushing my teeth with my finger look"
The "I'm looking and have a crooked smile but my head is still crooked look"
This one is cute but he was not going to look at me:
"Ok Mom are we done yet so I don't have to show you my smile any more Look"

"Can you see all my teeth from way back there look"

Then it was on to some bubble fun!
He was trying to lick the bubbles!
This picture is the best!
We have a bubble machine that makes really BIG bubbles and this one just happened to pop when I snapped this picture!
Do you see his tongue out trying to "catch" it?
One more "Are we done yet look"
We didn't have a successful time for any birthday pictures so we will try again.

Did you see the count down timer at the top of the blog for his birthday?
It's hard to believe that in less than a month, he is going to be 3 years old.
Where did the time go?
I finally started working on his birthday invitations.
Then I have some sewing to do for a little idea I have.
This party will be at our new house (even though we are not even close to being done).
Hopefully I can get the garage all cleaned out and organized again so we can have the party in the garage.  Scott says we can have it in the house so everyone can see the progress of our remodel project.  Or there has even been talk of outside with a bonfire.  If it will be like the last two years, it rained so that might be out of the question.
I'm contemplating what to do with our house pictures.  Do I put them on our family blog or start another blog for the house and all the millions of projects that will be taking place.  A  house is never done and there always seems to be projects to do that can and would keep another blog interesting.  I'll let you know what I decide.
On to another subject: About 2 weeks ago I had my first ever Senior Grad session!  The session was a blast and I got some great shots!  We are going to do another session after she returns from her trip in a new location.  I have been expertimenting with my other lenses to see what I like best.  Wish my test subject above would be a little more willing to have his picture taken.  I really want to start my own studio/business some day but I second guess myself a lot about it.  But first things first, we have to finsh this house remodel.
Ok enough of my ramblings.
Hope everyone (here in Minnesota) anyway is enjoying this much cooler weather.
I know we are!!!! 


Keilani said...

Joanna...even if they are crooked, they are adorable. I also find it hard to believe that Matthew will be 3 soon...makes me sad. Never second guess yourself in photography, you are wonderful!!! We love you bunches!!! (PS...the bubble pic was really cool)

CocoJ126 said...

I think you caught some awesome pics! He is adorable.

Mike and Katie said...

So amazing! I often find my self marveling at all the joy that has come in the last four years since we brought Amanda home.

He's such a little ham!

I wouldn't the house photos being on this blog too.