Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Pictures

Easter Morning Pictures:
Emma, Levi and Matthew
After a few cousin pictures, Matthew didn't want his picture taken any more so this is what we got:
Ok-A little better
A silly smile:
A cute smile:
A Family picture:
Our church always does the Easter Lily Cross every year!
It is beautiful and the sanctuary smells wonderful!

Easter Bunny Basket

Sunday morning before church, Matthew found his Easter basket full of fun stuff.
His favorite I think was this:
A Camera!
I don't have any idea why he would like it so much.  Hahaha!

Daddy trying to show him how to use it but I think he took a couple pictures before Scott could even show him.  He also took quite a few pictures in church.  It is fun to see things from his perspective!
I will post his pictures on here occassionally.


We had a busy Easter weekend!
Saturday we had an Easter Egg hunt at our church along with some fun art projects!
Then Saturday night, we went to my mom's for a little Easter egg hunt and dinner!
This is just some of Mom and Jerry's grandkids.

One of my sisters was not able to make it to mom's for dinner because she had to work so Scott, Matthew and I stopped at their house on the way home to drop off Annabelle's Easter basket from Grandma.

Matthew and Annabelle had a great time playing together.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Coloring Easter Eggs

Matthew had a blast coloring Easter eggs yesterday.
He wanted me to take a picture of his egg!
Easter is the time of year when we have a new beginning.  We celebrate God's handiwork and everything that is living.  So when you see an Easter Egg with its colors shining bright, share that Easter spirit with everyone in sight.
~Author Unknown

Happy Easter!!!!
Have a egg-cellent weekend!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Isn't this picture just the cutest picture you ever seen?
Bless You!
It took a little asking but I finally got him to let me take some cute pictures.

After I took all the cute smiley pictures I realized that he has some wild hair.
He had just got up from his nap and wanted to play outside.


On Saturday, we had some company stop over.
Mamma (Matthew's birthgrandma, Anissa) and his aunt Carrin stopped over to visit for awhile.
Matthew loves having company.
Matthew is so busy that I think he wore Auntie Carrin out.
They were fixing things, building things and coloring.

Then he had to rest a bit.
He loves to when Mamma blows on the back of his neck.
He was even making the lip motions.
He loves to be tickled as he calls it.

He loves to be naked to!

Helping Mommy Make Cookies

One day last week, I decided to make cookies.
Matthew had a blast helping me.
We were not able to use his dough because he kept adding more and more flour and the cookies would not stick together.
Like his rolling pin?
We had to wash up and use his rolling pin from his play-doh because mine are still packed over in our storage garage.

Then after they were cooled, we frosted and decorated!
He also enjoyed eating them!


This really should have been before him putting the training wheels on since he is "reading" the directions on how they work.
I guess he thought it was great reading material!

New Bike

Scott got Matthew a "new" used bike.
We bought some training wheels and Matthew was helping Daddy put the training wheels on.
He had Daddy's tools scattered everywhere.
He loves to help his daddy.
Matthew still hasn't been able to figure out how to peddle the bike but he knows how to put the brakes on.
He likes to be pushed but as we are pushing, he brakes and stops us dead in our tracks.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


We are sad!
Our offer was outbid by someone else.
I guess it was not meant to be.
So we continue to look!

Monday, April 4, 2011


We are so excited!

We made an offer on a house today!!!!

Should know by Wednesday or Thursday if our offer is accepted!