Tuesday, August 2, 2011


 On Sunday, Daddy found a caterpillar and was showing it to Little Man but he was a little scared of it.
He did not want to hold it.
Being the brave mama that I am (giggle giggle), I showed Matthew that I could hold it.
It actually tickled!
 He was just a tiny fuzzy caterpillar.
 Matthew was brave and held the lens cap with the caterpillar on it but.....
 when it started moving he dropped the lens cap.
 So this brave mama picked up the tiny caterpillar and put him on a tree stump.
Matthew wanted to watch him.
Then he looked my way and I clicked.
He never wants me or lets me take pictures of him.
 A short while later after begging for a picture, this is what I got.
 Then he had enough of me trying to take his picture so he decided to help Daddy.
Or just play with Daddy's stuff.

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