Monday, December 6, 2010

Some Memories I Don't Want to Forget

Matthew amazes me!

He loves Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!
We have a book called Twinkle Twinkle Little Star that we have read a million and one times!  I can stop and Matthew will say the next word!  He even runs around and sings it!

He is getting better with his ABC's and almost knows all of them.

Potty Training not going so well.  I think that I have to train myself to take him regularly before he will actually learn.

Words that he pronounces wrong:
~Fik it (Fix it)
~Hamich (Sandwich)

When he gets excited and laughs, he almost always spits.

He loves when Daddy has a rib hamich.
NOTE: Scott nibbles on Matthew's sides right along his ribs.  Matthew even holds up his arms and says "Rib Hamwich" and then squeals and runs away.

This Christmas season when Matthew first seen a Santa Clause on Grammie and Papa's Christmas tree, he thought  it was Paul Bunyan.  He finally knows the difference between Santa Clause and Paul Bunyan.

One night when we were driving, he kept saying pumpkin.  Scott finally figured out that Matthew was calling the Christmas lights-pumpkins.  The only reason we can think of was a house in our neighborhood had lots of lighted Halloween decorations and we also said look at the pumpkins.

Once he learned Santa Clause, we had to teach him the difference between Santa and Baby Jesus in the nativity.  One night after having dinner with Daddy because he was working late, Matthew and I drove around a few neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights.  We slowed down by one to admire the lights and nativity.  I told Matthew to look at Baby Jesus.  Then out of the blue he says "loves me".  I almost cried.  He understands that Jesus loves him!!!!

We are also working on the Lord's prayer.  He will repeat it but refuses to say it with us.

Matthew loves the Christmas tree lights!  He always wants the lights on!
He says Christmas on!!!
If I turn them off, it usually doesn't take him very long to notice that they are off.
Then he starts screaming Christmas On until I turn them back on!

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Keilani said...

Wow! He is growing too fast!! That is so sweet that he knows Jesus loves him. I also love the rib hamwich! We call it corn on the cob on the arm at our house... Do not feel bad about the potty training. Mine is 3 and still refuses. We tried again the other day and after he kept crying and sobbing daddy said enough mommy (I think dad was gonna cry too). They are only young one. What does it matter once they are grown up? We love you all!!!