Friday, December 31, 2010

My Mom's Family Christmas Party

This is my family! 
We are growing by leaps and bounds.
I'm going to be an auntie again!  My sister and brother in law are expecting.  Baby is due in July.

  • Front row (L to R): Scott, Matthew, my mom, niece Annabelle, nephew Austin, my step dad, his son Troy
  • Back row: Me, brother in law Wayne, sister Susan, sister Patty, Mary (step-dad's future daughter in law She is also expecting), step dad's son, Jerry
This is my Grandma with most of her grandkids and their spouses. (she has 4 more)
Grandma and her great grandchildren (she has 3 more).
She is known to her great grandchild as "Old" Grandma.
Close up of my adorable niece Annabelle who is almost a year old and will be a big sister in July!

Our gifts for our white elephant game.  Here is how we play: You get a gift if you roll doubles.  We time it so that we know how long it takes for the gifts to be taken.  After all the gifts are gone, you open what you have but don't put them away because now you can roll doubles and steal gifts but we only have as long as it took the gifts to disappear from the center.  Usually there are one or two popular gifts that could round and round.  I was pretty unlucky that night and only rolled two doubles but then my gifts were stolen.  Matthew had a hard time at first.  Once the gifts were open, he seen a tractor and got it when he rolled doubles again.  He was pretty excited about the tractor and he ended up with it and played most of the night with his tractor.

My cousin and his wife just had a baby on Thanksgiving so we loved her up.
Matthew wanted to touch her.
And hold her!
And love her up some more!
She slept through it all!

This is my aunt and her family!
My other aunt and her family.
We had lots of fun and ate lots of yummy food!

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