Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Must be a Growth Spurt...........

Well this picture was just too cute not to share.....
He was one thirsty boy the other night!
He just couldn't wait to get some in a cup!
On Monday night, Daddy and Matthew had supper while I was at a meeting at church.
When I got home, I had supper and Matthew wanted some of mine so we shared.
Daddy said that Matthew ate REALLY good at supper even wanting more when he was done.
As we were finishing up, Matthew wanted a drink but when Daddy went into the fridge to get the water Matthew seen the yogurt and wanted that instead.
You would have thought that he hadn't eaten all day the way that he gobbled it up!

For some unknown reason, he loves to run around in only his diaper or just bare naked.
It does save on the laundry!

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