Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Potty Training

We have been hit and miss with the potty training.  There are days that he refuses to want to sit on the potty chair.  There were days that he would sit but when he had to go he always wanted his diaper back on.  We decided to try a bribe approach.  We told him that the only way he could have gum (He LOVES gum!) is if he went potty in the potty chair.  His little individual packs of gum sat in a little dish on the counter in the bathroom for lots of days.  Yesterday I decided that it was an underwear day and I was going to try very hard to put him on the potty chair faithfully.  First time I tried, he screamed and carried on so he went about playing.  Not even 5 minutes later when I looked, he was wet.  So we got everything cleaned up and put some fresh underwear on.

Look who got gum a little while later:
(Picture from cell phone)

After supper while watching Charlie Brown Christmas, he was sitting again!
Once he realized Daddy was taking his picture, he got embarrassed!
Guess what?????
He got gum again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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