Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Matthew has been grumpy lately. His gums are slightly swollen but no spots yet. Last night Matthew did not want to sleep in his crib. He would be sleeping hard while we were holding him in the rocking chair (even Snoring!) but everytime we tried putting him in the crib he woke up screaming. Scott ending up sleeping on the couch with him and it was a rough night for both of them. Matthew couldn't get comfortable and cried often. Finally at 4 this morning I woke up to Matthew screaming and Scott telling me it was my turn. I tried everything. So when Scott got up at 5, we had breakfast. By 6 Matthew was sleeping in his crib so hopefully he will wake up in a better mood.
To ease the pain of teething I put an ice cube in his mesh feeder (by Munchkins). He loved it! He also loves freeze pops too! They are a little bit messier than the ice cube though.


Keilani said...

Oh Matthew! Grandma G feels so bad for you! It is hard work getting those teeth to come through. Mom & Daddy are so nice to sleep with you.
Grandma G loves you & is sending you
kisses to help those teeth boo boo's.

Katie said...

Your son has beautiful eyes!! These pictures really capture their beauty!