Wednesday, July 8, 2009

10 months Old

Hello! Sorry I haven't posted for a few days but life is crazy this week. I volunteered to help out with Vacation Bible School (Crocodile Dock) at our church this week. Matthew has been spending a few hours each day this week with Papa while I volunteer at VBS. Today I was trying to get him to wave good bye to me while Papa was holding him and all he would do was smile. He LOVES his Papa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On another note: Can you believe that Matthew is already 10 months old today? It is hard to believe. It seems like he was born just a few days ago. Time sure goes by fast.

10 things that Matthew is doing now:
~ Always wants to feed himself
~ Pulls himself up
~ Walks around furniture
~ Has a temper
~ Has temper tantrums already (He stiffens out and screams)
~ Sleeps thru the night
~ Stands up in his crib
~ Crawls fast
~ Plays in his swimming pool (and LOVES it)
~ Loves beings outside (We almost have grass/yard for him to play in-I will post pictures soon)
Hope everyone is having a great summer! If you are bored, come over and visit. We are always open for company.
Sorry I don't have any pictures to post today!!!!

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