Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Playing Outside

Yesterday we decided to fill the pool and play for a bit. Matthew got a new toy from Mamma (Anissa) and we wanted to check it out. It is a hippo in a round case with a small shower head. It sprays water out the shower head and turns in circles so you have spraying water. See all the water droplets on his face! He was holds the hippo at an angle and water was spraying him in the face. Hehehe!!! He thought is was so much fun! See the red spot above his eye. Yep our little climber took a digger!!!! It is a little carpet burn from falling off one of his little chairs. Last night after we got home from supper, we played outside in our new grass for a little bit. Matthew got pretty dirty since the grass is not filled all in and there is still a lot of black dirt exposed. He loves to be outside. He was even trying to help daddy clean the bird bath until he got to close and got wet by the hose (which is VERY cold water).
As you can see he didn't like the cold water getting on him! He was so dirty that Scott handed him to me over the deck railing and I put him in the swimming pool to rinse him and his clothes off. I then striped him down on the deck and brought him in to a warm bath.

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jodilee0123 said...

He still doesn't have any teeth?!? Cute pictures! :0)