Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Still no Bumps

Matthew still has teething symptoms but still no bumps. He will not let us feel in there so we can only look when he is smiling or making his new funny face. I will post a picture when I capture on camera. He DOES NOT like baby orajel. This whole teething time is throwing his sleep patterns off. He still falls asleep good but it is later than normal. He wakes 2 to 3 hours later screaming and the only thing to do is rock him until you can put him back in the crib without him waking up. Last night he didn't want anything to do with me and had screamed harder until daddy came in and took over. Sure makes me feel horrible but I just have to realize that he is a daddy's boy and always prefers daddy over mommy. Then he is up 1 to 2 hours earlier than normal. It is also affecting how he feeds. This morning he didn't want to eat and then fell back asleep about an hour after he got up. I wonder how long this will go on. I hate to see him in so much pain. One good thing though is he has been very snuggly during the day and since daddy's not here, he does snuggle with me. Needless to say the last couple days I have not got much done around the house but he will only be little once and the housework will always be there. He has also been saying Mama a lot lately which melts my heart everytime he says it. On occassion, if you ask him to say a word he will repeat it. Just last week he said crocodile.

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