Sunday, July 5, 2009

Matthew's First 4th of July

We had a wonderful 4th of July celebration. We started our day out with this cute picture!We went to my mom's house in Crosby to watch the parade and eat!
Matthew and Old (great) Grandma playing with the pinwheel.
(Great) Auntie Kathy letting Matthew play in the dirt without mommy knowing! Mommy didn't want Matthew to get to dirty before we went to our other party.
Matthew just wasn't sure about the gravel on his feet. Oh yah (great) Auntie Kathy had to clean Matthew up. Don't worried I let Matthew get plenty dirt at our other party.
Getting ready to see the parade. Grandma Lucy and Grandpa Jerry live right on the parade route. But before the parade Grandma Lucy had to show off her two grandsons to her friend Charlie. They have been friends every since I can remember.
No they are not cruel for putting my nephew Austin in a harness. He is a bit of a wild man and can move rather quickly.
Getting to our spot on the curb.
But first Matthew needed some more sunscreen on his nose and in his hair because I had a hard time keeping his hat on. Once the parade started he kept it on. Oh and he didn't get his morning nap so the nuk was keeping him somewhat happy.
The Beginning of the Parade!
The old police car with a blue gorilla in the back seat.
The fire trucks! The first fire truck to go by hit the sirens just as they got in front of us and scared Matthew.
Covering Matthew's ear when the fire trucks would hit the sirens. It was pretty loud!
There was LOTS of fire trucks (Crosby, Brainerd, Emily, Mission)
Then Matthew got to give John Ward a high five!
This one here was Daddy's favorite one of all! It was the only John Deere tractor. There was lots of other tractors but they were all Farmall tractors.
There was this old car too! Look really close at the picture or even click on the picture to enlarge will see Matthew waving at the people in the car.
The parade is all done! It lasted about an hour and we seen lots of other things to................C-I High School band, a dance line, horses, lots of tractors, a great big tall mud truck, a semi truck with lots of equipment and a train.
Matthew's (great) Auntie Judy is crazy! She is the clown in the picture below. (Today {July 5t} is her birthday. [Happy Birthday Auntie Judy!!!!!!!!!!]
After we had lunch and Grandma Lucy and Grandpa Jerry's house, we went to our other party in Brainerd. Matthew was sleeping within a few minutes of leaving Grandma and Grandpa's. When we got to the other party we let the car run so it would stay cool inside so Matthew could finish his nap. He didn't sleep long after we got there though.
In this picture is Scott's aunt Laraine with her grandson, Logan!
Logan's mom, Mallory, wanted to get a picture of the boys together. Matthew decided that he wanted to give Logan a kiss. (Side note: Matthew has been really getting into give kisses lately-the wide open mouth kisses).
Can you tell that Logan really didn't like the kiss? Logan is 3 months older than Matthew.
Logan with his daddy, Jim. Jim and Scott are 1st cousins.
RaeAnne and Emma swinging together. RaeAnne and Scott are 1st cousins.
Matthew had LOTS of fun playing in the dirt. His cute little white shirt was not so white by the end of the afternoon.
Matthew and Papa sharing a moment together.
Looking up at the airplane or helicopter. There was a lot of air traffic yesterday.
(Great) Uncle Wayne trying to get Matthew to let him pick him up. Matthew did use Uncle Wayne's hands to asisst himself at standing up.
Looking at mommy and trying to see what other mischieveous things that we could get into.
He was getting really tired but late afternoon Scott got him to fall asleep. (Great) Auntie Debbie wanted to hold him when he was sleeping.
He woke up after a short nap so we decided to go home.
It was getting late anyway.
His bath water was terribly dirty when he was all done.
He slept really good last night.
Hope everyone else had a wonderful 4th of July celebrations!

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