Sunday, July 12, 2009

Emma's Birthday Party Fun

Our niece, Emma, turned 4 years old on July 9th. On her actually birthday she decided she wanted to go to dinner at McDonalds (of course the playland one).
Then on Saturday was her party.
Matthew is almost always a tad bit grumpy at parties when he is handed off to someone. He is a daddy's boy or mommy's boy if daddy's not around. He also doesn't quite like the feel of the grass yet. The 2 girls in the picture with him are Ashley and Whitney. Whitney (she is the one in the dark blue shirt) is Scott's goddaughter.
The Birthday Girl! Trying really hard to blow out all the candles but they would start right back up again. Gotta love trick candles.
The birthday cakes had gumballs all around them and gummy butterflies also.
Matthew making his new funny face at Grammie! He started this new wrinkle up the nose look and then snorts at the same time. It is the funniest thing!!!!
Still giving Grammie the new look and listening to her.
Emma got a new pool for her birthday! All the girls were enjoying the pool. It has a small slide which the girls are sitting on and on the other side it has a section where water sprays down.
(Left to Right: Eva, Alexa, Emma)
Kyra being weird. Actually in her hand she has a peacock made out of a dollar bill. You might have to click on the picture to enlarge to get a better look.
Emma's new scooter from us!
Her most favorite present of all was the 3 wheeled moped from Grammie and Papa. The first few minutes all she could do was go in circles but it didn't take long to get the hang of it.
Alexa giving Matthew a huge before they left. Matthew loves Alexa and Eva. He always babbles to them when we see them.
Matthew saying Good Bye to Eva!
Later in the evening Matthew got ahold of Emma's water bottle (when Emma was on a tractor ride with Scott) and he actually tries to drink from it. Not sure why he will hold that but not his regular sippy cup.
We had a fun week and weekend! Today Matthew was a very tired boy! He fell asleep in church and slept almost 2 hours. He did wake up when we had to put him in his carseat but soon feel back to sleep. Then this afternoon, he took a 3 1/2 hour nap. He woke up grumpy from his nap though. We are starting to think that his teeth may be coming in. He is always using his tongue to rub the gums and he has been pulling on his ears (which the doctor said could happen).

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