Friday, June 10, 2011


Matthew loves playing outside at our new house. It is awesome out there with the birds singing, the frogs and it is quiet (no traffic noise).

Not sure if I shared on here about the excitement we had around the apartment about 3 weeks ago.
We were just sitting down to relax for the evening when we smelled what smelled like burned rubber.
It wasn't rubber it was plastic.  Somehow, the dumpter behind our apartment started on fire.  Talk about people freaking out.  We all stood and watched it until the fire truck came to put it out.
Ever since then, Matthew likes to build "fires".  He uses anything from toys to blankets to sticks.  He piles it all up in a big heap and usually has a miniature fire truck there to put it out.  So anyway, he has had a blast with all the sticks around the yard at our new house.  There was a small brush pile started and he has added a quite a few branches/sticks/

Here I think he is trying to plant a "tree" which was just a branch that fell off.
He is a busy little boy when he is playing outside!
Look at this adorable dirty face:
Usually every night when we come back to the apartment, he looks like this!
Just tonight, Matthew and Scott were staying home while I went and did some grocery shopping and have some Mommy time.  As I was getting ready to leave, I went to give Matthew a kiss and he told me to wait because his face was dirty.  He had to have Scott wash it before he would give me a kiss. 

On Wednesday, while Matthew was napping at our new house (where? I'll show you in an upcoming post), I continued to prime/paint the garage walls and ceiling.  I am a very messy painter and had little white specks all over my face when Matthew woke up from his nap.  He looked at me when I asked for a kiss and said, Mommy dirty.  I told him it was just a little paint and he was okay with that.

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Keilani said...

Matthew, Grandma G loves your dirty face!!! I would even love a hug & kiss from that dirty little angel!!! It seems you are having fun with mom & dad...AND you are a GREAT helper!!! Good job! Grandma G loves you!