Friday, June 10, 2011

Farm Visit

Matthew and I attended our ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) program this past school year and had a wonderful time.  We overcame some separation anxiety (just a little though).  On the last day of class, we went to a local dairy farm for a tour.  We went to the same farm last year but it seems like we learn sometime each time we have been there.

On the last day of class, Scott got to go to the farm with us!
Scott had also attended a couple of classes with us during the year!
Matthew was a little scared of the cows at first but soon got over it and would pet the young calves.
I guess he is checking his hand for germs or something!
I want to say that this baby calf was born only a day or two before our visit.
Matthew tempting to pet the calf again.
Of course, we had to stop so Scott and Matthew would look at (or admire) the tractor.
Matthew with his friend Ethan from class.
Matthew talked about Ethan all the time but when it came to class, he was to shy.
Not really sure what is going on in the picture but it's just cute!
We all got stickers that said "I met a dairy farmer"
We also had a yummy snack of string cheese and chocolate or white milk.
Matthew and I with the teachers from our class.
Matthew had so much fun in class this year.
It is amazing what he retains and starting doing or saying later when we are out of class.
He learned a few songs that he loves to sing.  Sometimes he just breaks out in song.  He doesn't always remember all the words but he loves to sing them.

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