Friday, June 10, 2011

Bowling with Adie

I know that it has been awhile to get these pictures upload to show you:
To celebrate Mother's Day with Adie (Matthew's birthmother=just in case you are new to the blog), we went to dinner at Pizza Ranch and then went bowling.  We were suppose to go to Arrr Matie's Cove (Matthew's name for our local Pirate's Cove mini golf) but it was raining.

Matthew cheering himself on:
Scott showing us what he's got:
Adie bowling:
Matthew had to carry his own ball:
(He is in that stage now where he has to do everything himself)
Matthew helping Adie:
Scott even had to get a picture of me:
We had so much fun!
I can't imagine our life without Adie! 
She is wonderful!
We are blessed that she chose us to be Matthew's parents!
How does someone thank someone else for such a wonderful gift!
Even though there are days that I want to change my mommy name to Nick or Sally or something else, I wouldn't know what to do without our little blessing.
We love you Adie!

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