Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nap Time at the New House

Here is our new garage:
On the right side is a 3 season porch
Some day my photo studio (Not sure what I will do in the winter)
There are windows along the whole side.
Matthew taking a nap in the 3 season porch on a sleeping bag.
If it is nice like this day was, I opened the windows to let in the light breeze.
He is such an angel when he is sleeping.
When he is awake, he is one BUSY little boy.
Yesterday, we worked at the house all day with no idea what time it was so Matthew didn't take a nap yesterday.  When Scott had to run to town for a few things, I  sent Matthew with thinking that maybe Matthew would fall asleep on the way back.  No such luck!  Last night, he was one tired and very dirty little boy.  He played hard yesterday!  He had so much sand and rocks on the cement apron in front of the garage and he loved the small shovel he found in the garage too!  Scott thought that he would love the shovel so he brought it over from the storage unit.  We almost have our storage unit cleaned out.  Within the next week or so that should be cleaned out.  I didn't want to bring anymore stuff to the new house after I decided to scrub the garage floors.  I already have enough boxes to move around.  The garage interior is almost all primed/painted as of last night.  I just have to cut in around some of the of outlets and the garage door supports.  Painting will be done this morning and the floor scrubing with start this evening and continue into tomorrow.  My wonderful mother in law is coming to help me with that!

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Keilani said...

My Goodness!!! You are all so busy!! He certainly looks like an angel sleeping there. Makes me wanna just lay down & cuddle by him! We need to stop by and see the progress... Hugs & kisses. We love you guys.