Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ice Cream Cone

Tonight we stopped by Dairy Queen to say hi to my sister and get some ice cream too! It started out with Scott holding the cone but Matthew decided that he wanted to hold it.He just chewed and chewed on the cone!
It even got up his nosed. He was pretty messy but he loved every minute of it!
This is what was left but then he dropped it before he could finish it!
Messy face when he was all done! He even tried some of daddy's but spit it out.
While we were eating our ice cream cones, we seen Scott's Uncle Wayne fly over. Click here to see closer pictures that were taken at a different time. I didn't have my extended len on tonight plus he was up higher than normal.

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Elizabeth said...

How cute! My son doesn't like ice cream now. He did when little but not in the last year or so.