Monday, August 3, 2009

Camping Pictures

We had lots of fun camping at Gull Lake Recreation Area. Like I said before it is an annual trip that was started by Scott's aunt Karyl about 23 years ago. We decided to go a day earlier than the rest of the group.
We borrowed my mom and stepdad's motorhome.Matthew had lots of fun on the first day with Scott and Emma. Scott put some blankets on the ground so Matthew didn't get so dirty. He of course didn't always stay on the blankets. Hee was almost always on the edge looking for rocks.
Playing with the beach toys on the blanket. We never did get to use them on the beach because it was either raining or way to cold to go to the beach.
Emma giving Matthew a kiss!
Matthew resisting Emma's kisses.
Emma and Scott looking at something up in the sky. We did get to watch a pair of robins feed their young. I tried to take a picture but it was behind some leaves and you can't see it in the picture.
Matthew joined them to see what he could see. He is looking in a total different direction.
Can you see him? It is Scott cooking hamburgers on the grill! The hamburgers turned out awesome but they wanted to smoke lots. Plus we wanted to make the whole campground jealous from the smell of grilling burgers.
Our fire on the first night! Matthew and Papa by the fire. Matthew was intrigued by the fires! But who isn't! They are so mesmerizing that I could sit and watch a fire for hours.
Uncle Kyle is bow fishing. Yes it is a legal sport but I believe that they can only shoot at rough fish (like carp and suckers).
Matthew was watching Uncle Kyle!
We decided to go for a quick walk in between rain showers. We didn't make it back in time and got a little wet. On Thursday, it rained for awhile then the sun would shine. It was back and forth all day. We did have a clear evening with another campfire.
Some ducks that we seen on the other side of the road on our walk!
Some of them just couldn't figure out how to get out of the fence!
For supper that night we had spaghetti. It was Matthew's first time eating spaghetti. He enjoyed it as you can see!I think his shirt had more on it than his face.
That night it did clear up so that we could have a campfire and some smores. Wow they were yummy! Three of Matthew's cousins in a group hug!
I was really surprised at how well Matthew slept in the pack-n-play in the motorhome. He only woke up when he couldn't find a nuk. He only had 2 or 3 nuks in the pack-n-play where at home he has anywhere from 5 to 10 nuks in his crib. He almost always woke up when he heard me moving around. I always wake up at 6 am when we are camping. It is a quiet time to go take a shower. I enjoy having time to myself in the mornings. He woke up when I got back from the showers.
Daddy was still sleeping until I put Matthew in bed with him.
Once we were all up I gave Matthew a bath in the little tiny sink in the motorhome. I think that I got wetter than Matthew did and he was the one that was suppose to be getting a bath. After he was dressed I put him on the bed to look out the window.
He was watching daddy build a fire for us.
And looking annoyed at me for taking his picture.
Scott is awesome at building fires and always had a warm fire for us to sit by.
Matthew even took naps. The naps were not as long a normal ones at home but they helped alot. When he woke up from this nap he was peeking out the window at us. I didn't have any camera outside so I didn't get any pictures.
After his nap we went to the park to play for awhile.
Matthew waving at us! He has been putting his hands up in the air like this because Papa is teaching him to put his hands up in the air and saying "So Big".
Alexa giving Matthew a little push on the swing
Matthew would not stay on the blanket unless someone was on the blanket with him. Scott had to cook on the grill so I got to play on the blanket with him. Man is the ground hard and rocky which is why I am so glad that we didn't have to sleep in our tent.
More playing but this time I think he was mad and throwing a fit.
Scott is an awesome cook! He did all the cooking on the grills!
Matthew when he was suppose to be going to sleep. He was smiling at daddy instead.
Matthew when he finally zonked out. It was hard to keep him covered up. He slept in this position for about an hour while Scott and I played cards at the table beside him. Why were we playing cards? It was raining so we could sit by the campfire :(. Our campfire was still going though but by the time it stopped raining it was already after 10 so we decided to go to sleep. We prayed really hard that it didn't rain again that night because the vent above the bed was leaking and we would have gotten wet.
Matthew was suppose to be waking Scott up but he was watching the sunrise instead.
He was giving me his "are you done yet" face. His new look whenever I pull out the camera.
It was a rough couple of days. On Day 2 while sitting at the table in the motorhome, Matthew bumped his head on the edge. He did the same thing on Day 3. Then on Day 4 he was holding onto my leg walking around the table when he decided to sit down. He sat down a little to quick and fell back and bumped his head on the cabinet. He was a couple of bruises on his forehead.
Cleaning up puke. Yes he is still puking. On Day 1 and 2 it was only after supper. On Day 3 it was 3 times during the day. The last day was the worst. He puked all over himself and Adie. Adie is sitting on the ground cleaning off her legs.
More cleaning of puke. I think it was another time.
Emma sharing her sucker with Matthew. He got the whole piece off the stick so Adie had to stick her finger it and get it out so that Matthew didn't choke.
Alexa loves Matthew to pieces.
Karyl and I playing ladder golf. It was a fun game!
Karyl trying to hold Matthew so that Scott and I could play a game of ladder golf with other partners. As you can see, he is not so happy.
Scott holding Matthew and trying to play. He ended up giving Matthew to me and I sat the game out.
We had lots of fun and can't wait until next year. Scott and I both have said that next year will be easier because Matthew will be a bit bigger and will be walking.

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