Sunday, August 30, 2009

Great Company

Not sure if any of you read the blog from last Saturday (if not click here) about our first meeting with Sebastina and Grandma G. We were all a little nervous about our first meeting but I love how our relationship has developed. We are so very happy that Matthew's birthparents and families are all apart of our lives! We wouldn't want it any other way!
Yesterday Sebastian, Grandma G, Auntie Kaci, Uncle Chase and Uncle Kai came over to dinner. We had a wonderful time! After dinner there were some tractor rides!
Scott telling Sebastian how to drive it!
Sebastian giving Chase a ride!

Sebastian giving Kai a ride.

Sebastian giving Matthew a ride. Matthew loves riding on his tractor!

Kaci driving the tractor. It took Scott a bit to talk her into giving it a try.

Auntie Kaci and Matthew! Look at both of them and their blue beautiful eyes!

Grandma G holding Matthew and Chase on the right.
Kai, Matthew and Chase

Chase and Matthew

It is amazing how one little boy can bring all these wonderful people together. To be honest, when we started the process of open adoption, the thought of openess was a scary thought. After our adoption training and seminars that we were required to attend the openess started to be less scary. I have to tell you now though that the openess of our adoption is wonderful. I love the open lines of communication and how Matthew will always know that there are so many people who love him.

Just a quick story: With having this wonderful open adoption you have a chance to learn more about these people who have become extended family. Last night before dinner we were talking and I was talking about a little rash that Matthew has on his cheeks. Grandma G was then saying that when all her kids were little whenever they ate ranch they would get little red spots on their cheeks. I then asked her if they got it with ketchup too. She said yes. Now that explains why Matthew gets red spots on his cheeks when he eats ranch or ketchup.


Mike and Katie said...

I am so jealous of the relationship you get to have with Matthew's birthparents. It's a lot like the marriage bond- joining families together.

birthmothertalks said...

I just found your blog. It's really nice that you have a nice relationship with your son's birthparents.