Thursday, August 6, 2009

County Fair

Last night we took Matthew to his first County Fair and I forgot I had my camera with so I didn't get any pictures (maybe Saturday-we are going back with Papa). Matthew sampled lots of food: an oof-da taco, hamburger, cheese curds, pork chop on a stick, strawberry milkshake, chocolate mint milkshake and a sucker. He was a sticky mess from the sucker. I cleaned him up with a wipe but as we were walking he was sticking his fingers together and then pulling them apart. It was sooooo cute! He rode so good in his stroller. I took him out to look at the animals up looks and I thought for sure that I would have a fight on my hands when I went to put him back in but he went right back in without a fuss. He even mooed at the cows (so cute)!

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