Saturday, August 22, 2009

First Meeting

One year ago today, we meet Matthew's birthfather Sebastian and his mom, Gina (Grandma G) for the first time. Our meeting was at LSS (Lutheran Social Services of MN) with the birthparent worker, Dianne. We, well I mean, I was a bit nervous for our first meeting. Why? To make a long story short, Scott's sister, Kyra, and Sebastian's aunt were good friends and his aunt (and her niece who we later learned was Sebastian's sister) came to Kyra's the day that we were telling her about being selected and about the details. At the time we did not know that Kyra's friend was Sebastian's aunt. We learned that about a week before meeting Sebastian. What a small world it is! Our first meeting went great! We told them about us and they told us about them. We talked. We cried. We laughed. That's how adoption is, you never know what type of a roller coaster of emotions you will have until the time comes. We have a wonderful relationship with Sebastian and Grandma G. God had a plan! He wanted them to be a part of our lives! To read more of our adoption story click here.

Thanks Sebastian and Grandma G for the wonderful trusting relationship that we have developed! We are so happy to have you a part of our lives!

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Keilani said...

That first meeting was tough... but I can tell you that I am the luckiest grandma in the world! It takes all these great people to make this work and I am so proud of all of us!
Thank You Joanna & Scott for being the best Mom & Dad I could have ever asked for! I am so blessed!