Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cajun Fest 2011

I am really behind on getting pictures up.  Life has been a little busy and I am hoping that it slows down a lot after we move (which is next weekend and I haven't even started packing yet-I have a busy week ahead of me).

Anyway, back in August we went to Walker to Northern Lights Casino for their Cajun Fest.  Matthew wasn't sure at first and wanted nothing to do with all the noise and commotion but he had fun after awhile. 

Here are some pictures:
We always go on a Friday night and they have 2 small parades: a kiddie parade for kids are dressed up and then an adult parade a few hours later where adults are dressed up in Mardi Gras attire. 
They throw beads or sometimes hand them out or put them on you.
Daddy had to wear Matthews because he wanted nothing to do with it.
Daddy and Matthew with Grandma (my mom)
I think that he was maybe a little hungry.  After the kiddie parade, we went and add at the buffet with grandpa (my dad) and Auntie Mandy (my sister).
My sister Mandy and I.
One with our dad!

Matthew and Austin with their light up balls being silly.
My mom and stepdad always stay up there in their motorhome so we had play time at the motorhome before the adult parade.
Matthew was in a much better mode at the adult parade and decided it wasn't so bad to wear all the necklaces.  Man did he had a LOT of them.  He wasn't so happy with me when I made him take them off when we got to the car to leave.
We had fun!  It was a wonderful break from working on the house.

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