Monday, September 12, 2011


13 years ago today, I married my best friend.  It is amazing how are love for each other continues to grow.

Here are 13 things about us that you might not know:

1. I asked Scott the night we married if we could start trying for a baby.  He said no.
2. We struggled with infertility 6 years before we decided to adopt. 
3. We built 2 houses and are in the process of  remodeling another one now.
4. We started dating in high school a little over 16 years ago.  I was a junior and he was a sophomore.
5. We were only dating for  8 months when Scott asked if I'd marry him.
6. We were together a little over 4 years when we got married.
7. Scott makes breakfast for us every morning.
8. The only thing we didnt agree on was how many kids we should have.  I wanted 6 and Scott wanted 2 so we agreed on 3.  I'm happy with one but hope to someday add a brother or sister for Matthew.
9. We worked for the same company before I became a stay at home mom.
10. We took a 2 week road trip for our honeytrip (I was a nanny when we got married and one of the girls that I nannied called our honeymoon our honeytrip).  We went to Corpus Christi, Texas and Padre Island,Texas with a stop in Nebraska on the way home to visit some of Scott's relatives.
11. Then only other trip we've been on was 3 years after we got married.  We drove to Washington state to visit mt grandparents for Thanksgiving but we never told them we were coming.  They just happened to be talking to my mom when we arrived and they hung up on her.  They were excited!!
12. We splurged on our 9th anniversary and stayed in a hotel 2 hours away and had a day full of adventure hoping by our 10th anniversary we would be welcoming a baby into our home.  Matthew was born 4 days before our 10th anniversary.
13. We are EXCITED to be moving into our newly remodeled but not finished house at the end of the month.

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