Sunday, August 1, 2010

Vietnam Memorial Moving Wall

Last weekend into Monday, the Vietnam Memorial Moving Wall was at the park in my hometown about 14 miles east of here so Matthew and I took a road trip.
We stopped and picked up "Old" (great) Grandma to go with us.
What an experience and a good history lesson!
This is only a half scale replica.
This picture is a little crooked but as you look at it-Do you see the white dots?
Each white dot represents line (row) 20.
At the bottom is a number and a letter.
There is a book that has everyone listed in it that is listed on the wall and it says where they are listed.
"Old' Grandma already knew where we needed to go to find the name of our family's hero- My grandma's brother.
So we will remember where he is located on the Memorial:
Panel 8W Line 34.
Here is my grandma pointing to her brother's name.
A great history lesson!
I wish that we could some day take a long road trip to Washington DC and see the Memorial up close.
My grandparents were there once and grandma recalls that she was standing on tip toes trying to point to John C Knott's name.

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