Thursday, July 29, 2010

Visit with Uncle Rory & Kevin

Our last stop on Saturday was in Clarissa, MN to see Uncle Rory & Kevin.
(Uncle Rory is Adie's Uncle and for those of you who don't know us or just started reading, Adie is Matthew's birthmom.  Adoption is an amazing experience.  We have added an awesome extended family!!)
They have 26 horses and some chickens (Bandee Chickens).
Then there was a tractor ride!
The little white horse was my favorite.
Emma had to meet all the horses. 
 So Uncle Rory, Emma, Matthew and Scott walked and walked and met all the horses.
I love this picture!
Matthew sure is listening to what Uncle Rory had to say!
Uncle Rory with Matthew and Emma.
Sorry Kevin the pictures that I took of you and Matthew didn't turn out.
Did I mention that they made us a wonderful supper and dessert?
Well if I didn't they are amazing cooks!
We had lots of fun!
Thanks for a great time Uncle Rory & Kevin!

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Mike and Katie said...

Wow! Barefoot standing next to a horse! That could end painfully.

Matthew is so blessed to be able to know so much family.