Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Funny but Gross

Ok I'm not sure what I am to do!
Matthew has discovered that his finger fits up his nose!
Yea I know what you're thinking: Gross!  I feel the same way.
I can't get him to stop.  Everytime I see him doing it, I try and try to get him to stop.
Any ideas on how to get him to stop?
I know, it's probably just a phase.

So here is the funny thing about it whole ordeal.
We were going to dinner tonight and I caught him with his finger up his nose so I asked him to stop.  It was probably 4 times.  After I said it, he shrieked, an ear piercing shriek.  I kindly asked him to stop yelling in the car and continued to drive.  I kept watching him in the mirror and once again the finger was up the nose.  I was just about to tell him to stop when he pulled his finger out of his nose and yelled "Got It". 
That's our little man for you!

Ps Please be patient with me, I do have a few pictures to show but just have not had the time to get them edited and up.  I am thinking possible tomorrow.


Amanda said...

so funny!

Just looked at lots of your pics - you take some great ones! Love the close ups of your little guy at the zoo!

jodilee0123 said...

At least it is not in the hiney. . . We have some issues with that here. Boys do weird things! :0)

Keilani said...

Remember I was just telling you that about my 2 year old?? Little kids do silly things. Sometimes I think the more you tell them no, the more they do it! Perhaps encouraging it?? Haha.. Regardless, it is blackmail for when he has a wife! I hope you are all ok, and not too sad this week! We love & miss you!