Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Buffalo Fish

Last week, Scott was on vacation!
We had a fun filled week while he was on vacation.
He did some buffalo fishing, we went to the fair and did some camping!
Buffalo fishing?
Glad you asked.
I really don't know much myself except that a buffalo fish is a rough fish and he used a fishing bow to get it.
Without further adue, here are a couple pictures of his buffalo fish:
These top 2 pictures were from a cell phone camera.
The top picture is Scott's dad holding the buffalo fish right after they got it in the boat.
Yes, it took both of them to lift that beast in the boat.
The bottom 2 pictures I took when they stopped by to show me!
So are you curious about how big this buffalo fish was?
He weighed in at 34 lbs!
He was 35" long, 11" tall and 27" in diameter!
I guess the best way to eat them are to have them smoked.
Scott's uncle will smoke it for him when he gets a chance!

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