Sunday, August 15, 2010


Have you ever been to the Pine Grove Zoo in Little Falls, Minnesota?
It is a nice little zoo and very inexpensive.
Click here to see more info.

Here are some of our best pictures from our fun at the zoo:

Matthew enjoyed the petting zoo the best!  He loved feeding the animals!
These two goats were Snow and White.
Snow is on the left and always wanted to be fed first!
Experimenting with the camera-blurred out the fence between me and the animals.
The Tortoise!
Siberian Tiger
Looking at the Elk! 
Can you see the antlers of the elk?
Look closely.... see the green bush to the left of Matthew's shoe, it's just behind it.
The other Siberian Tiger.
He was sleeping with his head turned up (Just like a big kitty).
Matthew admiring the animals!
Isn't he just a cutie?
He was so cute at the zoo and wanted to walk.
Fencing him in!
Just kidding!
They had alot of the grassy areas roped off and Matthew just had to stand on the other side of the rope.
Our family!
You just have to love the timers on cameras!
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The prairie dog!
Another bear!
Exploring some information on the wolves.
Just another cute picture of him.
One of the bear cubs!
Feeding the donkeys!
The donkeys were so gentle.
Behind the fencing again!
He even tried to feed this cute little bear that was giving him a kiss!
We had lots of fun and the weather was wonderful!

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Keilani said...

Well, it looks like you had lots of fun at the zoo!! I am glad the animals came out to see you Matthew! They thought you were pretty fun & interesting! Keep having fun this summer! Grandma G loves all of you.