Sunday, November 1, 2009


We sure had a fun Halloween!
Here is our little Tin Man!

He wasn't so happy that Grandma was holding him.

That we stopped to see "Old" (great) Grandma.  He cried when we left because he was having so much fun playing with all the toys.

We stopped to see Auntie Susie and Uncle Wayne. 
First trick or treater that they have ever had at their apartment.

Then we stopped to see Sebastian (Matthew's birthfather) and Grandma G.  We are so blessed with the wonderful relationship we have with both of Matthew's birthparents and their families.

Sebastian, Loa and Matthew

Then we stopped to see Adie (Matthew's birthmother).  We enjoyed visiting with both of them last night!

Tin Man Matthew with Uncle Kyle the "Tin Man"

There is  little story about the Tin Man: Scott and Kyle's Uncle Bob was a wonderful man but he always loved picking on the kids.  Whenever the kids seen Uncle Bob they would call him Roy and he would always call them Homer.  When Kyle started working for Thelen's Heating and Roofing in sheetmetal, Uncle Bob started calling him "The Tin Man".  When I seen the costume of the Tin Man I just had to get it for Matthew.  Kyle is Matthew's godfather.
Matthew standing by Uncle Kyle's Tin Man.

Matthew with Great Aunt Karyl.
(Bob was Karyl's husband who passed away in 2006.  He is sadly missed by all).

  We stopped at several other places but didn't get pictures at all the places we stopped.
We finished at Papa and Gram's house where Matthew was hamming it up (or maybe he was on a sugar high from the treat that Papa gave him).
Hope everyone else had a wonderful and safe Halloween!

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