Sunday, November 29, 2009


Matthew loves to be naked!  Before bathtime, we left him run FREE for a few minutes.  At first, he was pretty clumsy without his diaper.  He has gotten better though.  Last night he was hamming it up as you can see by this first picture.  (Sorry it is blurry but he was on the move).

Then he got to take a shower with daddy.

Today he finally fit into his cute football outfit that he got for his birthday.

He loves to read books!  See the books on the shelf behind him.  Yay usually all those books are inside his turtle sandbox "toy box".  I think only about a 1/4 of them are gone from the part of the shelf that you can't see.

He is quite the character. 
He always wants me to put his sunglasses on him but he immediately takes them off.

I can't get over how cute he is especially with his messy hair and those beautiful blue eyes.

See the drool?  We think that he is working on a couple more teeth.  Gums are also slightly swollen.

One more thing: Now when he wants something to drink, he goes to the fridge and says "Peas" (Please) or "Dring" (Drink).

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Keilani said...

Oh...look at his little lips! They are still so chapped. I wish I could help soothe those chapped lips away!
Grandma G is sorry Matthew! You look very handsome in your outfit though! You are quite a looker! We miss you...