Friday, October 30, 2009

Fingerprint Friday

There is a song by Steven Curtis Chapman that says:

I can see the fingerprints of God
When I look at you
I can see the fingerprints of God
And I know its true
You're a masterpiece
That all creation quietly applauds

And you're covered with the fingerprints of God
So look around you and see where YOU can see God's fingerprints. Is it in nature? Kids? Animals? Where do you see them?

Today is a special day! 
Why you ask?
It is Scott's birthday!
Here are a few things that I want everyone to know:
1. He is a wonderful husband!
2. He is an amazing dad!
3. He loves to teach Matthew new things.
4. He works hard so that I can be a stay at home mom.
5. He makes breakfast every morning for us.
6. He loves to be outdoors.
7. He loves to take Matthew on tractor rides.
8. He spent hours working on (and fixing and painting) his John Deere tractor.
9. His (our) yard is immaculate.
10. He has LOTS of junk (oops I mean stuff).
11. He has brown eyes.
12. He likes to hunt.
13.  He likes to trap gophers.
14. He likes to sing along with the radio.
15. He always watches the news in the morning.
16. He always helps people out.
17. As a hobby, he works on clocks.
18. He is almost 6 months younger than me.
19. Whenever we go somewhere together, he always drives.
20. He likes fried chicken.
21. He looks like his dad.
22. He shows off pictures of Matthew to everyone he meets.
23. He can fix anything.
24.  He made me (us) this gorgeous bed for our anniversary one year.
25. He gets up for work at 4:45 am
26. He always gives me a kiss before he leaves.
27. He loves to sit on the floor with Matthew and play.
28. He makes great omelettes and hashbrowns.
29. He always laughs at me when I cry over a movie but he always gets me a kleenex.
30. He watches Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice with me.
31. He is color blind (some browns and greens look the same to him and red looks like brown to him)
32. He is 32 years old today!

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Snowcatcher said...

It was very fun getting to know your hubby! You got a keeper!

Rosebud Collection said...

Happy Birthday to a wonderful Fingerprint from God.
The true secret to this life..Peace within yourself, and you all have it.
Happy Fingerprint Friday.

Brenda said...

What a great tribute! He sounds like a great dad, husband, and person! Like Snowcatcher already said, you have a keeper there!
Hope you have a great weekend and Scott has a great Birthday :)

Kari J said...

How wonderful! Happy Birthday to your awesome husband!

artsyclay said...

He sounds like a great guy. Tell him happy birthday!

Interesting about the color blindness. Two of my sons are brown-green color blind thanks to my maternal grandpa's genes.

Keilani said...

Happy Birthday Scott!!!! I hope you have a great day!

jodilee0123 said...

Happy Birthday Scott! You said he makes you breakfast every day. . . but he gets up for work at 4:45--do you guys get up that early too? Hope you had a fun day and a fun and exciting weekend! :0)