Monday, November 16, 2009


To everyone who follows our blog:
My computer is on the fritz so pictures will be seldom but I will continue to update.

Matthew and I went to the park today for a short time. He loves to swing.

The front tooth is peeking out of his gums.

How does one break the habit of a nuk? From all the drooling his top lip is very red and dry. He usually only has his nuk for nap time and bedtime and sometimes when he sneeks them out of his crib. I keep Aquaphor (a lotion recommended by the doctor) on it all day but it doesn't seem to heal it. Some days are just worse than others. Any ideas?

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Keilani said...

Oh no! Poor little man... ;( I feel bad for him. I guess I am a pushover, because I would not be able to take his nuk away. I still think they are babies at the tender age of 1. Possibly some vaseline on his lip, or some blistex. I think blistex works the best, especially if you can put it on at night so it gets the chance to soak in! I hope this helps :) Hugs & Love from Grandma G!