Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Monday Activities

Monday morning started out like any other day.  Matthew and I almost always watch Sesame Street at 9 in the morning on Lakeland Public TV.  Matthew loves Sesame Street.  This is how you will often find him while it is on.

Monday afternoon since Matthew loves to walk now, we walked down our driveway to get the mail.  Matthew walked almost all the way down and back up again.  Then we decided to play outside for a bit.
Doesn't he look so cute in his hat?
He walked all over the yard.  Where he is standing in this picture, there is a very slight incline.  He fell on his butt here and tried several times to get back up so he crawled a little closer to me and then was able to get back up.  It was so cute watching him.

He is the cutest baby in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Especially when he is walking!


jodilee0123 said...

He is the cutest. . . but he really isn't a baby anymore! :0( sniff sniff--the time goes by way too quickly! Hope we can see each other again sometime soon! :0)

Keilani said...

He is sooooo totally cute!!! And also growing up too fast. Thats cute he like to watch Sesame street! Does he have a favorite character???