Monday, October 12, 2009

Tour of Fall Leaves with Snow Covering

On Saturday, we took a little drive to view all the beautiful fall leaves.

The first and second pictures were taken in Pillsbury State Forest.
We then decided to go to the Pequot Lakes Historic Fire Tower.
We didn't realize that we had to go on a small hike to get there so we really were not dressed for the weather.  We made due with what we had in the car.

The historic fire tower.
There are 8 flights of stairs to get to the top.
The highest I could go is 4 flights. 
I got nauseous and was shaking! 
Yay I don't do well with heights!
Scott and Matthew made it all the way up.
All the way back down I was shaking and hanging on for dear life.
I was glad when my feet were planted back on solid ground.

The view was beautiful even from the 4th flight.

We were pretty cold by the time we made it back to the car.

We had lots of fun even though we got cold.
We then went to visit my mom for dinner andd yummy pumpkin bars and pie.  I will post pictures after I get them downloaded from my phone

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jodilee0123 said...

These are awesome pictures!!!! How beautiful!