Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturday Full of Adventures

Yesterday we had a very busy day. A day full of adventures. First we had a confirmation to attend for Tyler(Tyler is the 2nd one from the bottom of picture) with a lunch afterwards at our church, First Lutheran. At the lunch Matthew got to see his great grandpa John (Adie's grandpa). Tyler's mom, Kathy works for John. Matthew didn't have any problems going to John. He just sat there and watched John talk to him. Then we had a wedding to go to. We didn't have to go far because the wedding was at First Lutheran also. The wedding we attend was for Scott's cousin, Melissa. She was a very beautiful bride. I didn't get any pictures at the wedding, only at the reception. In this picture below is Scott's aunt Karyl. We going camping with Karyl every summer. Camping was started about 22 years ago. We are going at the end of July this year.
Alexa is Scott's cousin, Steve's daughter and she just loves Matthew. And Matthew loves her and her sister Eva. Whenever Matthew sees them, he almost always squeels at them.
This is Eva and Matthew. These pictures were taken at the reception.
Matthew and his uncle Kyle. Matthew was starting to get tired in this picture and it kinda looks like he was not happy. Matthew has been a Daddy's boy lately and Daddy can't get to far out of his sight.
Matthew and I dancing our first dance together. He wanted to keep looking at all the flashing lights. He was having so much fun.
Matthew dancing with Scott's cousin, RaeAnne. This is the first time that he would go to RaeAnne. The first 3 times that Scott tried to give him to her, he would cry.
This is Scott's cousin Steve and his wife Jessi. They are the parents to Alexa and Eva. They were having a great time dancing to the Electric Slide. They were pretty good I might say. WOW!Finally a picture of the bride, Melissa. She sure was a beautiful and happy bride.
Dancing of the Chicken Dance! Matthew didn't know what to think of the Chicken Dance. Let me tell you that it is hard to do the Chicken Dance holding a baby BUT we had LOTS of FUN!
Dancing with Uncle Kyle!
Matthew and me dancing the Chicken Dance! What a Hoot!
When we got back to the table Matthew decided that he still wanted to dance some more or really he wanted to JUMP! As you can see Matthew was getting to warm so off came the pants.
He just couldn't take any more fun! He was so tired last night. He was sleeping through everything. Then he slept through the night.
This is the bride Melissa dancing with Emma. Emma thought that was the greatest. After Melissa did the bouquet toss a few flowers fell out and Emma picked them up. Melissa then put the flower in Emma's hair. Emma was pretty proud of that.

Not sure who the little boy is in the picture but he had the moves.

We were all pretty tired when we left last night, but we all had a FUN time!

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